Jongyu, Myunggyu
They were kept and observed like lab rats but 2 interns saw not monsters but humans with beating hearts.
AU, Fantasy
4,899 words

A/N: Storyline popped into my mind and after watching werewolf boy, i was definitely inspired to pursue this story line.

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Tales of witches and wizards: the Key

Title: Tales of witches and wizards: the Key
Pairing(s): QMi [girl!Mi, wizard!kyu]
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He was a wizard with a duty to fulfill, she was a mortal with a heart to love.
Warnings: Character death and reincarnation, with slight violence/action
Notes: sorry for the violence part but what is an action fic without a bit of it^^ oh sorry if this as a bit of a cheesy ending
Beta: by me^^

A/N: This was supposed to be a gift for the qmi fanfic exchange but the person assigned to be withdrew.. anyway.. here is my first (and fail) attempt at witches and wizardry ^^

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[henwook] Till they take my heart away

Title: till they take my heart away

Pairing: Henwook

Genre: romance,angst, friendship

Summary: For I Will Love you, till they take my heart away

Song Prompt: Till they Take my heart away

A/N: The story plot is similar to the henwook picfic parody I made a year ago~ Have a look at it here ^^ italicized words are part of the lyrics^^

Setting: after SS2 till SS4 ^^

~*.*~I look into your eyes, So far away… There’s trouble on your mind, you’re losing faith

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[one-shot] ヘンリーはかわいいです [Henry wa Kawaii desu!]

title:  [one-shot] ヘンリーはかわいいです [Henry wa Kawaii desu!] 
pairing: KyuMin  with HenWook, henmin and SJMXHenry
subject: crack, fluff
rating: PG
 Summary: Because they find Henry cute and fluffy!
Prompt: Sungmin loves cute things and Henry is one of them.
a/n:  Randomly thought of this again~ and oh~~ Min really adored the mochi.. the MV making and even photoshoot had Henmin moments.. ok this is really going everywhere.. the story has no direction whatsoever~ forgive me~

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[Hanchul] Battlefield

title:  Battlefield              
pairing: HanChul
subject: Angst
rating: R
 Summary: When words pierce through every flesh in their body, they are both face to face in a battlefield
Warning: violence, implied smut, cursing..
Prompt: Battlefield-Jordin Sparks
a/n:  Randomly thought of this and kinda like a drabble/ficlet thingy.. don’t hate me T_T

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[series] Best Friend For Rent?

Title: Best friend
for rent?

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: HenWook [Girl!wook]

Genre: Au,
friendship, eventual angst and romance

Rating: PG-13

Summary: it’s a stereotypical
story of a lad who has everything but happiness.

Warning: almost
character death?

A/N: coz I love henwook and I’ve
been wanting to have a character death.. whoever dies I’m not saying *evil
laugh*  Well I don’t think anyone would
read this but here.. I’m posting it anyway~ I think this will become a short series.. maybe 4-5 chapters or less~~ sigh whatever


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[game] 6 degrees of Separation

I got this idea from Kamichan and he’s a jpop specifically JE fanboy and I did enjoy this little game of his.

Anyway Six Degrees of separation is a theory that basically tells us that we are all related by 6 steps. For example ME>> Kpop Fan >> Super Junior. ahah super shorcut right.. anyway the basic idea is just that we are related to our idols (how forced it is). This game is really simple and if you have time and maybe if you’re a bit bored.. why don’t you give this a try?


The game is really simple, just follow this simple rules:


1. Click this link and it will redirect you to a random Wikipedia page.

2. try to click on the links located on the page and find your way to Super Junior’s page (the main group). Remember to click on the links only and do not type on the search bar!

3. Try to get to SJ’s wikipage at the least amount of links (the fewer the better^^)

4. comment or tweet (to @jhengchie ) in the following format: # of clicks / Random Wiki link > Name of link clicked > name of link 2 >>> SJ’s page.

here’s my example: 5 clicks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/O%27chiese_203 > Canada > A.Y. Jackson > A.Y. Jackson Secondary School > Henry Lau > Super junior

5. Don’t cheat! I will be checking!

I hope you guys will find this game fun~ coz I did enjoyed it ahahah

so are you game?