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Angel's Sacrifice extra scene

Title: Angel’s Sacrifice

pairing: HenWook, Yewook, HenYeWook [girl!/angel!Ryeowook], qmimin[girl!Zhoumi, sungmin. Angels! qmimin]

Other Characters: Siwon, Kangin, Eunhae [girl!Hae], Leeteuk [girl!]

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff rating: PG summary: Henry is a very lonely guy who just lost his mother on an accident and is loosing his father to cancer. Ryeowook is a curious angel who wanted to help others in need, and thus befriended Henry. But the friendship turned into a romantic relationship and one of them has to sacrifice something, it’s not an easy choice.



 Ryeowook ran her hand on top of the counter and grabbed the chef’s knife. She stared at it for a while and flashbacks started to appear.


I died once, this is not the first time


With one final smile, she took the knife and impaled herself.


“I love you both” She muttered before taking her last breath.

She lay silently on the floor, lifeless. Siwon appeared and took her away, with tears in his eyes.


“why do this wookie?”


Siwon may not say it to his students, but he loved each and every one of them, unconditionally. He took care of these souls from the time they were clueless to the time they became angels. God must be their creator, but he was their caretaker, babysitter, their teacher.



Vancouver, Canada


Leeteuk sat on her desk and was finishing booking her ticket when a bright light caught her attention. She turned around to see a man dressed in white, he was laying a sleeping girl on Leeteuk’s bed. Leeteuk smiled and walked towards the bed and sat beside the girl and stared at her.


“an angel I presume..”




“did she..”


The man nodded and smiled back at Leeteuk,


“I’ll leave her to you, take care of her”


LEeteuk nodded and smiled for the last time.


“I will..”


“everythings is arranged, I’ll leave everything to you, don’t fail me”


“yes, master Siwon.. I won’t”


With another bright light, Siwon was gone. Leeteuk stared at the sleeping girl and tucked her to bed.


“it’ll be ok.. don’t worry.”


Night falls on Canada and Leeteuk was preparing dinner for the two.

Ryeowook awoke from her slumber. She looked around the unfamiliar room and decided to explore the room when she heard noises from downstairs. She decided to go down. She saw another girl busy in the kitchen. Leeteuk noticed her and asked her to wait for a while.


“oh, come and sit for a while.. I’ll be just a minute”


Ryeowook nodded and sat on the dinner table and intently watch the older cook their dinner. When she was done, they both shared the meal.


“you’re a little confused.. I’m Leeteuk, I used to be an angel too.”


Ryeowook was more confused and Leeteuk only smiled.


“You’re an angel too right.. well used to be that is. You heard of the angel who sacrificed her life?”


Ryeowook nodded.


“you’re looking at  her”


Ryeowook gasped at the sight and she stared straight into her unni’s eyes.


“you’re… how come… I mean..”


“I didn’t know what happened but it just did. He gave me back my human form since HE felt my true and pure intentions to help Kangin.”


“Kangin.. henry’s Hyung?”


Leeteuk nodded.


“well those four are friends for a reason. Eunhae was helped by mimi and Minnie right?”


Ryeowook nodded.


“So why am I here?”


“you did a great sacrifice, by choosing to sacrifice your life to save Yesung’s life and in turn help Henry go on with his life. He rewarded you with another chance at love. This is your last chance and I believe that you won’t waste it..”


“you mean.. I can meet Henry again..”


“next week.. we’ll go back to Korea..”




“it has been arranged.. this is your destiny. You failed at love once, here is your chance to redeem yourself and fight for your love, you’ve suffered enough..”


“unni.. am I dreaming?”


“no, wookie.. You’re not”


“I’m really meeting Henry.. I.. I .. am allowed to love?”




Ryeowook burst into tears at the sudden rush of emotions., She was confused but she knew she loved Henry, that she sacrificed her life. And they can finally meet, without hindrance, without limitations.


Leeteuk and Ryeowook boarded the plane bound for Seoul with a connecting flight in Tokyo. Ryeowook was nervous and her heart beat raises to tenth its pace as the plane landed in her homeland. Leeteuk held her hand as they got off and walked through the airport. A masculine person was waving at them. Leeteuk smiled as they walked towards the guy. Leeteuk let go of Ryeowook’s hand as she ran to embrace the young man.


“I missed you! So much!”


The guy almost cried as he embraced the missed girlfriend.


“Kangin, you’re choking me!”




“and this is my cousin Ryeowook, she’ll be visiting with me”


“Hello, I’m Kangin”


Kangin extended a hand which Ryeowook gladly shook. She smiled.


“I’m Ryeowook, Nice to meet you.”


Kangin and the girls took a cab and went straight to his house. After they placed their luggages in their shared room, The three went out to meet someone


“I hope you don’t mind, but can we check up on my buddy first.. he’s a little gloomy and I wanted to greet his father too..”


The two girls nodded and before they knew it, they were at the doorstep of Kangin’s friend.

Jongwoon answered the door to find Kangin with two girls, he led them into the living room.


“it’s been so long since I heard him play”


“yes Kangin, well I’ll leave you guys to talk, I’ll just get you something first”


“thank you and congratulations on your full recovery”


“oh thank you Kangin”


The three sat on the sofa as they listed to Henry play the composition; one of the girls somehow knew the song and hummed along. Henry heard the humming and soon stopped playing. He turned around to see KAngin with the two girls


“yoh Henry! Long time since I heard you play!”


Henry just shook his head in embarrassment


“you know my girl Leeteuk?”


Leeteuk smiled and she looked like a fallen angel. Henry nodded and soon his eyes were fixed on the girl beside her. HE was staring so much that the girl blushed and looked away.




Kangin smacked Henry’s head


“how rude of you to stare at her like that!, anyway this is Leeteuk’s cousin, her name is Ryeowook”


And Ryeowook smiled at him


“you can call me wookie”


Henry smiled, stood up and walked towards Ryeowook. He took her hand, pulled her into an embrace and whispered in her ears..


“I thought you left me for good”


“I thought so too..”


Henry broke the embrace, stared into Ryeowook’s eyes and gently placed his lips on hers. She closed her eyes and responded back, even giving him access which he gladly took advantage of. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer and deepening the kiss as she wrapped her arms around his neck.


Leeteuk laced her fingers with Kangin’s and she leaned her head onto his. Kangin placed a kiss on her head.


“Remember the day I opened my eyes and saw you?”


“I know.. you thought you were dead seeing an angel”


“that was before our lips met, and I knew it wasn’t a dream”


Jongwoon came back with a tray of orange juice and cookies. He smiled when he saw his son kissing the innocent girl.


“I presume you two know each other.. mind introducing me to your girlfriend Henry?”


The two broke off and both faces were flushed. Henry sighed before introducing his girlfriend.


“Dad, this is my girlfriend, Ryeowook. Ryeowook, this is my dad”


“Hello sir”


“hello wookie right? Well I need to thank you for your sacrifice..”


The four was shocked at the statement and Jongwoon laughed at them.


“hmm.. wookie.. I kinda asked myself who my wife was pertaining too.. but when I saw you, I knew.. you sacrificed a lot to make me live right? Thank you. I know that you’ll be happier this time around; I don’t deserve a girl like you, but I know my son do.”


With that statement, Ryeowook hugged the former lover as she cried to let go of the distant past and to start the near future.


“Thank you, Yesung-oppa..”


Henry just stood there shocked at the sudden scene that plays before him until he was drawn back to earth by a kiss on the cheeks.


“I can’t believe this.. is this a dream”


Kangin patted him on the back


“hmm.. guess you had a more complicated situation..”


“you mean…”


Leeteuk just smiled.


“I don’t care anymore.. just as long as you stay with me for the rest of my life!”


Henry held Ryeowook’s hands and she gently placed a kiss on his cheeks before whispering softly in his ears.


“I’ll sacrifice anything for you, that’s how much I love you!”



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