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When Suju meets Arashi

Title:  When Suju meets Arashi
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: Matsujun and Shindong centric
Subject: band!, crossover!, fail!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]
Summary: Arashi went to Korea for a friendship concert with Super Junior. They were professional onstage but quite awkward backstage.  Reason? Ask Shindong and Matsujun.

A/N: Arashi’s promoter in Korea is SME.


When the Japanese embassy and the South Korean government agreed on the Japanese-Korean friendship festival, the two agreed on conducting a concert for the Korean crowd and they chose two famous idol groups as the main event. Japan presents Arashi and South Korea presents Super Junior.

A week before the festival, Arashi went to Korea for a press conference. They held it together with Super Junior. There were lots of media and screaming fans. The two groups gladly faced the media and answered questions regarding the concert.

“it’s a friendship concert and we are not trying to prove who is better than the other. What we are trying to do is to share each others’ culture through our music”

Arashi’s Ohno answered the press in his riida manner.

“Our goal for this festival is to learn from each other and make new friends. Japan and Korea are neighbors and we have a lot of similarities; we have Japanese fans and in turn Arashi has Korean fans. We intend to both grow as a group and as friends in this.”

Super Junior’s leader, Leeteuk added.

After the conference the two groups rode separate cars and all went to their separate dorms and hotel rooms.

The next day, both groups have a practice for their joint stage dance routine when they both arrived 3 hour early since the practice was rescheduled and they weren’t properly informed. The 20 members of both groups sat on the sofas and waited in one of the conference room. Both groups looked so awkward and none of them talked to each other.

Ohno kept on talking with Ninomiya while Aiba was in turn talking to Sho. Jun was playing with his phone. Super junior members did the same and so the room is filled with Korean and Japanese jargons; the two groups doesn’t seem to mind until…


Shindong suddenly stood up and said in perfect English

“I’m going to get some coffee, who wants to join me?”

The room became silent: they all stopped talking. Jun looked at the chubby dancer, smiled and replied in perfect English:

“I’m coming with you…”

King Jun stood up and kept his phone. They both excused themselves and went out the room. The room became silent once more but murmurs were heard a minute later.

“what the hell is Shindong doing? He’s an elite Johnny’s”

“how’d you know sungmin?”

“duh! It’s in his profile!”

“neh Jun is pretty cool you think?”

“he’s an elite member..”

“oh well.. you can call Shindong as an elite.. he has his ways with their rules..”

The two was silent as they grab a coffee cup and Shindong poured hot brewed coffee on the cups.

“cream? Sugar?”

Shindong asked but Jun shrugged his head. They took a seat on the artist’s lounge as they sip the hot coffee.

“forgive me for intruding but, your group seem to be a little awkward with ours.. maybe the numbers?”

“hmm.. you have a pretty large group.. but I’m not surprised.. you see, in my agency we have a kouhai group that has 10 members.”

“your dongseangs?”

“yes.. it’s dongseangs  in your language.”

“you’ve been debuted for around 10 years now, how does it feel?”

“it feels great to be able to work with them.. it’s more of a brotherhood.. we are each others’ brothers”

“I feel the same for my group, although some of them are not so brotherly love”

“what do you mean?”

Shindong swallowed a great amount of hot coffee and he choked so hard. LEeteuk will kill him since he slipped and now Jun will know their band’s ultimate secret.

“are you ok?”

“yes.. and no”

“I know what you mean”

Jun sighed as he finished his cup and stood up.

“shall we go then?”

Shindong also stood up and went ou the room. They walked along the corridor in silence. They both stopped in front of the two-way mirror of the conference room.  Jun sighed and turns to Shindong.

“I know what you are hiding”

“what?” Shindong nervously replied but Jun just smiled.

“it’s obvious isn’t it?”

“I don’t get it”

Jun pointed to his riida who was affectionately staring at Ninomiya, Shindong’s eyes widened.

“they are a couple, it’s yaoi.. or homo in other language..”


Jun lightly laughed and stared at the chubby person.

“well iguess I have to tell you our little secret. There are also couples in our group. See our leader with that masculine guy Kangin, they are engaged!”

“hmm so you have like a lot of couples..”

“some of them are threesome..”

“and you’re single?”

“yah.. can’t mix with them.. it’s a complicated story..”

“hmm.. I’m single too.. it’s complicated when you mix with those two couples.. I just let them be..”

“so I guess we’re both clear?”

Jun nodded and they both walked inside the room. Silence. Jun smiled and turn to his riida.

“you know they are also like you guys..”

Ohno’s eyes widened. At the same time, Shindong said the exact same thing to Leeteuk.

“you don’t have to hide it.. it’s pretty obvious.” King Jun announced to the whole group, eyeing the stolen glances and held hands.

Finally Sungmin took the courage and asked the innocent looking Ninomiya in his best Japanese.



“are you really really going out with ohno-kun?”

The whole Super Junior gasped and gaged at the very personal question. Ohno almost had a heart attack but Ninomiya just smiled and answered back.

“yes sungmin-sshi.. do you have any problem with it? Are you uncomfortable?”

Sungmin shrugged his head pretty cutely, and it made Kyuhyun’s heart melt. Sungmin turn to his Kyuhyun and planted a kiss on his cheek, he did the same with Zhou mi. the rest of them was stunned.

“we’re together too, but we’re three..”

Ninomiya smiled brightly and remarked.

“so.. I guess we’re not different at all..”

The rest nodded in agreement. There was a relieved sigh in everyone as the awkwardness in the room disappeared. Next thing they knew, they were sharing stories about their dates, shower encounters and what-not. Jun and Shindong quietly stepped out of the room to go to the cafeteria.

“well I think they’re getting Into those sories..”

“yah I know.. I don’t want to hear any of it!”

“wanna grab something to eat?”

“hmm… I want to try some Korean food..”

“ok.. but you’ll treat me to a Japanese meal in return!”

“it’s a deal!”

During the festival, the two groups performed flawless performances. There were solo stages and joint stages. The awkwardness was gone and the two groups generally bonded. It doesn’t matter what country they came from, they are similar in many things just as Leeteuk had said and they are both sharing their culture as Ohno-kun had stated.. but they both knew it was more than the music, it was their relationships. They held a press conference before Arashi goes back to Japan; this time the two groups are more relaxed with each other and they smiled brightly too.

“it’s fun having to work with them, they are a legend in their own right. And I do hope that we could do this more often.”

Leeteuk proudly praising the members of Arashi.

“we hope to work with them again, and maybe this time we could do it in Japan. Super Junior is a hardworking group and they deserve the recognition they received. Let’s continue to work hard, gambatte!”

Ohno added and the two groups shouted




Tags: arashi, cross-over, one-shot, super junior

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