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angel's sacrifice (part1)

title: Angel’s Sacrifice
pairing: HenWook, Yewook, HenYeWook [girl!/angel!Ryeowook], qmimin[girl!Zhoumi, sungmin. Angels! qmimin]
other Characters: Siwon, Kangin
subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG

summary: Henry is a very lonely guy who just lost his mother on an accident and is loosing his father to cancer. Ryeowook is a curious angel who wanted to help others in need, and thus befriended Henry. But the friendship turned into a romantic relationship and one of them has to sacrifice something, it’s henchie [Lee]</p>

A/n: another series because I love Henwook, Yewook and Henyewook..

This story is based on the school play written by a senior, it’s basically similar but I added little twists and turns.. so there hope you’ll support this one.. I might be adding a few characters once in a while..


Part 1




Henry locked the door behind him as he started to weep in disbelief, one minute he was holding his mother’s hands and the next she’s cold and lifeless. He wanted to kill himself for not saving his mother, but his father insisted it was an accident.


“it wasn’t! it’s my fault! Dad it’s my fault!” Henry screamed at his Dad, Jongwoon embraced his son as he gently caressed the back of his head.


“son, it’ll be ok..”


“no dad.. it won’t”


“son trust me, it’ll be ok..”


“dad I don’t wanna loose you too!”


“you won’t”


And the two cried as they release all the pain they felt.




It has been a week since his mother died but Henry found no reason to move on. His best friend Kangin visited him daily but never got to him, Henry just locked himself and cry.



Siwon is the head Archangel in Heaven, he is very respectable and strict. He had years of experience and dealt with various cases, Henry’s case was not his first one. HE looked at his files and called for Kyuhyun, his best student. He handed the files and instructed him to go on his way.


Before Kyuhyun went to help his new master, he waved goodbye to his sweethearts, the bunny princess Minnie and the hot model Mimi. He left the files on the table and talked to the girls. Ryeowook, being the curious angel that she is, looked at the files and saw the picture of Henry. She was starstrucked and she wanted to help the young lad, so she silently took the files and went her way. When Kyuhyun looked back at the files  to retrieve them, he was shocked to see the files gone. And soon ran towards the closing gates.. The guards informed him that Ryeowook was now on her way to help a young lad who needs comforting. Kyuhyun slapped himself and almost fainted.. Siwon would never forgive him now, Ryeowook was his worst student.


“look on the bright side Kyu.. you could spend more time with us.. you always go on missions..” The pink angel commented.


“well you have a point”


“but keep an eye for her.. she’s trouble”  the taller angel added


“I’ll keep an eye on her”



Henry still wept at the loss of his beloved mother when he heard a soft voice singing


“be strong little one”


“I told you I don’t want to talk to anyone” Henry was shocked to see a pretty girl dressed in all white sitting on his desk.


“who are you and how’d you get in here!”


“hello I’m Ryeowook, you can call me wookie!”


“wookie? I don’t care.. how’d you get in here?”


“I’m your angel and I’m ready to help..”



Tags: henry, henwook, ryeowook, super junior

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