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When Suju meets JE - qmimin meets ohmiya

Title:   When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]

Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?

A/N: part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.



Out of the 15 SJ members, Sungmin was the best in Japanese. So naturally, he can carry out a conversation with anyone there. He finds it particularly comfortable to have a chat with the gentle Ninomiya.


“ah.. anything bothering you Sungmin-sshi?”

“not really..”


“well.. how long have you dated Ohno-kun?”

Ninomiya laughed and blushed a little.

“you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to”

“we’ve been together for.. I forgot.. ahhahahha.. maybe five years?”

“you’re not sure?”

“Sungmin-sshi.. when you are in a relationship, you do not count the years, you count the moments you’ve spent miraculously with each others’ arms and the endless I love you’s you each fondly whisper in each others’ ears.”

“you’ve been in a relationship for so long.. I envy you!”

“don’t.. you don’t give jealousy a space in your heart.. I feel that Kyuhyun is a great guy, and zhou mi too. If you are in doubt.. you should always tell you partner what bothers you, it will make things better.”

“you sure are smart..”

“Experience had made me wiser.. what’s bothering you?”

“they forgot about our anniversary!”

Sungmin pouted like a bunny princess should.



“ah.. coincidence.. ours too..”


Just then, the two were dragged separately by two different persons, each to the other side of the hotel corridor and rooms.

It was dark and the room smell of strawberry and rose petals. The light went on and out came Zhou mi with an anniversary cake when his smile disappeared.

“Kuai xian!”


The younger man answered from behind.

“you took the wrong guy!”

“what are you talking, I brought sung…”

Kyuhyun gasped as he looked at the puzzled Ninomiya.

“gomen.. hontou gomen neh..”

Ninomiya smiled his famous smile and patted the younger man’s shoulder.

“You wanted to have a surprise for Sungmin-sshi?”

The two nodded as Zhou mi placed the cake on top of the table. Ninomiya turn to the door and motioned for them to come with him.

“I think I know where he is.”


Sungmin was now crying as he nervously follow the person dragging him. The person opened the door and switched on the light. Sungmin’s eyes widened with delight as he saw the room filled with fragrant roses and a dinner set for two.

“eh? Why two? We’re three in this relationship!”

Sungmin asked in a very annoyed tone and the person turn to face him. Ohno gased at the mistake he did and so did Sungmin.


Ohno said to the startled sungmin.

“I thought you were Kazu..”

“ah.. I understand..”

“you do know you two look similar?”


“you look just like him!”


A knock was heard and Ohno answered it to find Ninomiya with Kyuhyun and Zhou mi standing at the door.

“you dragged the wrong person!”

Ninomiya face palmed the riida gently as Sungmin ran to his two lovers. He kissed them on the cheeks before glaring back at them.

“How can you mistake him for me?”

“Minnie.. you two look the same..”


Zhou mi’s eyes wandered questioningly at the two before he smiled.

“oooh, I get it.. you two do look the same!”

The carbon copies smiled to each other as they both greeted each other.

“Happy anniversary!”

Sungmin dragged his two lovers away from the room and to their own room to celebrate as Ninomiya closed their door. He turned to the riida, placed his hands around his neck and kissed hip gently. Ohno slid his arms around the younger’s waist as he pulled him nearer.

“you want to be on top?”


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