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When Suju meets JE - TakaHae and Hikahyuk

Title:   When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]

Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?

A/N: part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.



Donghae and Eunhyuk was looking at the pictures and messages of JE idols in the  JE Family shop when a certain picture  caught Eunhyuk’s attention.

“Hae, he looks like your lost twin brother!”

Eunhyuk was pointing at Takaki Yuya’s picture. Donghae’s eyes was filled with light and a light bulb switched on inside his brain. He smiled and turned to Eunhyuk.

“Maybe he’s an alien, and he copied my identity! Let’s find him and make him confess!”

Donghae smiled and dragged Eunhyuk towards the JE dressing rooms and practice rooms.

“Hae.. He’s not an alien.. you’re really loosing it!”

Oh so sorry my dear Eunhyuk, you know so well that when it comes to aliens, your boyfriend is unstoppable.

They searched high and low for the alien copycat like a child playing hide and seek.


Takaki and the rest of HSJ is practicing for their special stage when Yabu decided to give them a break.

“nah! All you want is to cuddle with kei!”

Takaki blurted out to their unofficial leader.

“what if I want to? You also want to cuddle with hikaru!”

Takaki can’t hide smile as he blushed. Hikaru wrapped his arms around the elder’s waist and rest his chin on his shoulders.

“you don’t like to cuddle with me?”

Hikaru pouted but he looked a lot like a wrestler more than any other. Takaki laughed loudly.


“Hae.. it’s useless!”


Donghae stopped and listened to the laugh and he hurriedly ran towards the sound.  Eunhyuk followed.

“Hae.. matte! Aish!”

Donghae run and finally stopped in front of a practice room door. Eunhyuk was surprised to see his boyfriend suddenly stopped in front of him, he wasn’t able to stop that fast and eventually crashed into him and into the door; it opened and they both plopped on the floor. Ten pairs of eyes stare at them as the couples broke from their embraces, face flushed for a certain reason.

“gomen.. hehehe”

Donghae childishly said to the ten JUMP members. Yabu extended his hands to help Eunhyuk off Donghae and eventually stood up. Takaki did the  same thing to Donghae.

“arigatou!” Donghae chirped as he stood up. When he was steady with his feet, he was able to look at Takaki up close, Takaki did the same.


The two shouted in surprise.

“I knew it an alien!”

“who are you pertaining to?”

“you! You’re an alien and a copycat!”

“Nah ah! I’m not an alien and Yabu is the cat!”

“who? Stop lying you’re caught red handed!”

“who are you talking to again?”

Eunhyuk sighed as he walked towards the two to grab the boyfriend, when someone stopped him.

“are you his boyfriend?”

Hikaru asked Eunhyuk who was a little stunned.


He replied hesitantly.

“My condolences, I’m Hikaru and I ask for your forgiveness.. my boyfriend tend to be a little defensive at times.”

Hikaru extended a hand which eunhyuk gladly shooked.

“I’m Eunhyuk.. and I also ask for your forgiveness.. my boyfriend is childish and he believes in aliens.”

The two laughed and Yabu inquired.

“hmm.. is he always like that? He’s not the youngest In your group though?”

Eunhyuk nodded his head and sighed.

“frankly, our magnae’s more mature than him, he’s too much to handle.”

“and you’re the only one who can control him?”

The unofficial leader asked and Eunhyuk nodded.

“By the way, you have a large group too right?”

“yah.. I’m the eldest and Ryutaro is our youngest. He already told me that your groups has Yaoi too?”


“homo.. you know..  boy to boy.. “

“aaahhhh… yah.. but you guys have like a regular pair..”

“you have threesome?”

Eunhyuk again nodded.

“seems fun. Oh, I’m sorry for being too informal to you, you’re older than me!”

“ no prob.. it’s fun to interact with guys younger than me.. from the Hei Sei era?”

The 9 members nodded

“I can’t talk to Onew like this.”


“hmm.. it’s a bit uncomfy..”

“aahhh.. well it’s just like that with our senpais too.. but if you talk to them, they are accommodating.”

“so who’s your favorite senpai couple?”

“hahaha.. can’t really decide.. they are very unique.. you?”

“hahaha.. oh well same here..”

The ten were now enjoying a great conversation: Eunhyuk never felt like this in a long while, he’s youthful!

“and why are you all doing there? Gossip!”

The two look-a-like shouted at the ten boys seated in a circle laughing. The two walked towards their respective boyfriends and pouted in front of them.

“you don’t love me!”

TakaHae said in unison.

“of course I love you!”

HikaHyuk replied as they kissed their lovers and pulled them down to sit in the circle.

“Hae this is fun.. join us!”

“not with that alien here!”

“but I thought you liked aliens!”

Eunhyuk softly asked as he played with Donghae’s hair.

“I’m not an alien you Korean Clone!”

“I’m older than you respect me!”

“by how many years?”


“is that Korean or Japanese age?”

“what? Hyukkie, help me!”

The group bursts in a laughter, Donghae almost cried but Eunhyuk kissed the tears away. Takaki stood up and approached the look-a-like

“sorry.. truce?”

“hmm.. do you like fishy?”

“hmm.. sushi?”

Donghae nodded and also stood up. The two walked out of the room laughing.

“hey! Where are you two going?”

Eunhyuk and Hikaru asked.

“on a date!” and the two laughed as they closed the door behind them. Their boyfriends’ mouth hang open as they digest the reply. Yabu pulled them back to reality.

“neh.. let’s go.. if you don’t hurry up, you’ll be sleeping on the couch again!”

Yabu told Hikaru and he in turn stood up and ran hurriedly to his lover.

“shoot! takaki matte!”

Eunhyuk laughed slightly and ran to his lover as well..

“hae.. can you at least wait for your Monkey!”

The rest of the JUMP followed, laughing and each pair holding each other’s hands.


Tags: hey say jump, je, super junior
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