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When Suju meets JE - itaDAIKIMASUDA + Shindong

Title:   When SUJU meets JE
Author: jhengchie
Pairing: various
Subject: crossover!, fail!, band!
Genre: Friendship, romance, fluff, crack[?]
Rating: PG-13 [just to be a little safe]

Type: multi chaptered but each chapter can stand alone
Summary: Super Junior will have a concert with some JE talents for the Japan-Korea friendship festival in Tokyo Dome. What happens behind the scenes?

A/N: part sequel to when Suju meets Arashi.




All the participating groups are working hard on their respective special stages when everything was in halt.

“where is Shindong-sshi?”

The stage director asked the groups. Each member shrugged their heads and LEetuek, being the leader of the group, has to apologize yet again for his dongsaengs’ mishaps. He was bowing down low when another yell was heard.

“Neh, have you seen Massu and Daiki? They’re supposed to be here for the opening scene?”

“Gomen, I’ll call for him.”

Yamapi, NEWS’s leader, Yabu, the unofficial leader, bowed to the stage manager before grabbing their phones and punching some numbers. The three are missing! Call a search party..

Or not..


“hmm.. this is so good!”

Shindong muttered after taking a bite of the pork tonkatsu. Someone sat across his table and he choked a little. The person handed a glass of water, which Shindong gladly took and drank.



Shindong extended a hand and introduced himself.

“I’m Shindong!”

“Masuda takahisa, you can call me Massu.. and this young lad is Daiki”

Daiki extended his hand and shook Shindong’s hand before sitting down.

“are you two brothers?”

Shindong suddenly asked. The two Japanese idols stared at each other and then back to Shindong.


The two said in unison.

“you look alike though… you two like eating too?”

“you can say that.. I’m starving..”

“yah I agree.. “ the youngest added. The two shouted


The two then dug into their food.

“Oishi desu!”

“you can say that again.”

Masuda offered the Korean star a glass of sake. Shindong thanked him and drank it gladly.

“ah! Sake.. this is good stuff.. have you tried drinking soju?”

“SUJU? It’s your group right?”

Masuda replied and Shindong gave a chuckle.

“soju, Massu! It’s comparable to sake”


“oh.. you are old enough to drink right?”

HE asked the youngest as he took a bite on his tempura. Daiki nodded

“I’m already 19!”

“ok.. I just don’t want to be called a bad influence.. but seriously.. I’m not that alcoholic!”


“Kangin is the worst among us.. but I have to admit I am the gluton of the group.”

“oh.. I remember, you live in dorms right?”

Shindong nodded and Masuda continued after swallowing a mouthful.

“do you eat takeouts or something?”

“ahh.. sometimes.. but we are very lucky to have Ryeowook to cook for us.. or even Hangeng.”

“wow I want to try his cooking too!”

“that could be arranged!”

Daiki then asked a question which made Shindong laughed a little.

“so what happens if the two of them go to China for SJM promotions?”

“good question there.. takeouts.. well KAngin do cook a little.. but let me warn yah.. don’t eat any of Yesung’s cooking! It’s poison! I tell yah.. It’s poison.. he should be completely banned and restricted to go to the kitchen and cook.”

“is he that bad?”

Inquisitive and curious Daiki continued..

“hmm.. let’s just say.. the apple pie he baked once turned out like a fallen soufflé, and he included the stems and seeds.. it was awful!”

Just then, their respective phones rang and they answered them

“where the hell are you!”

They turned pale and looked at each other. They kept the phone and stood up.




The three dashed off to the stage and left their half eaten bowls to meet up with the worried leaders.  

“where were you?”

LEeteuk raised an eyebrow at the panting dancer.

“Oh.. I was going to the CR, when I got lost. Then Massu here helped me”

“yah.. I was.. I was.. “

“he was helping me search for my bracelet, I kinda lost it somewhere.”

The three smiled childishly and the stage manager finally conducted the opening rehearsal. It went great and now it’s time for their dinner. When all the idols went inside the mess hall, they saw three half eaten bowls of rice. They all looked at the three who was making a run for it.

“we were hungry.. gomen!”

The three shouted as they ran out of the room.


[a pun (me and my sisters) for “Eat na Daiki at Masuda” w/c means Eat already daiki and Masuda]

Tags: hey say jump, je, masuda, series, super junior
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