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Angel's sacrifice (Part 2b)

Title: Angel’s Sacrifice

pairing: HenWook, Yewook, HenYeWook [girl!/angel!Ryeowook], qmimin[girl!Zhoumi, sungmin. Angels! qmimin]

Other Characters: Siwon, Kangin, Eunhae [girl!Hae]

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff rating: PG summary: Henry is a very lonely guy who just lost his mother on an accident and is loosing his father to cancer. Ryeowook is a curious angel who wanted to help others in need, and thus befriended Henry. But the friendship turned into a romantic relationship and one of them has to sacrifice something, it’s not an easy choice.


A/n: another series because I love Henwook, Yewook and Henyewook..

This story is based on the school play written by a senior, it’s basically similar but I added little twists and turns.. so there hope you’ll support this one.. I might be adding a few characters once in a while..




Take 2!


“Hello” Henry’s heart skipped a beat when he entered his room.


“you again!” Henry shouted to the girl sitting on his bed.


“Hello.. you remember me?” Ryeowook shook her head side by side, acting cutely


“cookie something..” Henry replied in a very irritated voice


“it’s Wookie..” Pouting a little


“whatever… how come dad didn’t hear you?”


“because I’m your angel..” Ryewook said matter factly


“Angel? Get out of here..”  Henry was in disbelief and this irritated wookie more


“c’mon why don’t you believe me..”


“because it’s so unreal.. you are just my imagination!”


“na ah!”


“I get it.. an alien.. Donghae noona was right!”


“you know her?”


“of course!”




“it’s a secret!”




“ok let’s have a deal.. I tell you more about me and you tell me more about yourself!”


“if you’re an angel then you should know me by now..”


“you are good, I like that..”


“get outta here”


“I can’t..”


The curious little Henry then started a little conversation with his angel. Wookie motioned his master to sit beside her.  The angel started to talk and it was a lot, she maybe innocent looking, but she talks a lot! So much!


Henry listened attentively, he somehow felt safe and assured with her.. he never felt it since his mother died.. maybe.. just maybe.. he could find a reason to smile again..


Tags: henry, henwook, ryeowook, super junior

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