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poll questions for "a place in my heart"

Title:  a place in my heart

Author: jhengchie

Pairing: Hanchul, Eunhae, Hyukchul, Hanhae

Genre: friendship, angst

Rating: PG-13

Type: Multi-chaptered

Summary: Heechul wants everything but couldn't get any since Donghae unknowingly had them..

Warning: Character death, violence

A/N: this is a fic request by my little sis who is fond of Eunhae..  nad since her birthday was last Febbruary.. I guess I have to give in and she wanted character death so sorry bout that.. anyway.. we had argued whom to kill so we are leaving the decision to you guys.. visit our poll and helps us in this fic.. although I know it’ll be hard for you guys to decide whom to kill.. NAd since this is like a tough one to make.. I would be giving away four fics selected based on their fandoms and one selected based on the comment if you want to enter the fic contest please comment with otp on the "why space" so that i can could know what OTp you chose^^;


Lee Donghaethe clueless girl.

Lee Donghae is a timid freshman from the Arts Department. She is a very good painter and she was even chosen to represent their University in a nationwide competition. She is a campus crush but she never even noticed this and believes that she is but a wall flower. She has a crush on the Dance Major, Eunhyuk, and always had been since they were little. They were childhood friends until Eunhyuk moved from the Mokpo to Seoul when they were nine. The two me again in the University, rekindling their friendship, but will love spark? Donghae considers Hangeng, a sunbae from the Dance department, as his best friend and older brother. Who would she choose if the two expressed their feelings for her?


Lee EunhyukThe campus crush

Lee Eunhyuk is the well known Campus crush despite being a freshman. He had ranked first in the auditions and even equaled the talents and skills of his senior, Hangeng. HE has been termed as a palyer, having dated countless girls, but one thing is for sure, he doesn’t like a single girl he dated. Their relationship last for a day, having a week as its maximum shelf life. Eunhyuk is very insensitive but can show his true self when he is with Donghae. Eunhyuk is always seen together by the campus bitch or witch Heechul, only because he doesn’t want hoard of girls surrounding and bothering him. Can Uenhyuk find the heart in him to fall for any girl?


Hangengthe best friend

Hangeng is a Top Chinese Dancer who received a scholarship in Korea’s prestigious university. He is well known in the campus for he exudes grace and passion when he is dancing. Hangeng is a true charmer and ladies’ man; but he was never a player. He is friends with many and many had befriended him, but to him, he treasures his friendship with Donghae; he felt he needed to be his knight in shining armor, he needed to protect her from Heechul. He rejected Heechul back in their freshmen years and he fears that Heechul is trying to get revenge for that. Will he be able to tell Donghae how he really feels? Will he be able to come in good terms with the princess?

Kim Heechulthe bitch

Kim Heechul is the typical bitch that wanted every good thing in this world. She wanted everything and she can do anything to get it. She is very pretty, powerful and wealthy; a true Femme Fetal. She befriended Hangeng but the later refused her he wanted a true friend and not a master to serve. This became a blow on Heechul’s ego and therefore swore to herself that she’ll bring Hangeng down.  She finds the right tool in the person of Eunhyuk and used the guy as his slave. But when Eunhyuk became close to Donghae, HEechul jealously and selfishly wanted the other two boys to himself and just wanted to kill her. Will she get her revenge and get the guys back? Or will she loose both?



Poll #1532009 Fanfic poll questions

favorite OTP

Hyukchul (hyukjae/heechul)

if you could kill one character, who would it be?

Heechul - the bitch
Hangeng - the best friend
Donghae - the clueless girl
Eunhyuk - the insensitive campus crush

if you could save one character from dying, who would it be?

Heechul - the bitch
Hangeng -the best friend
Donghae - the clueless girl
Eunhyuk - the insensitive guy

if given the options, would you rather save all the characters? why?



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