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Chatmates ♥ special series - Kangteuk

title: Chatmates ♥ special
pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.
subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG

co-author: henchie [Lee] my sister ^_^ who also helped me in the Eunhae and Sibum Series ^_^

summary: What happened after chatmates?






December came like a cool winter breeze, and Leeteuk is near her due date…

Christine celebrated her birthday but this time, instead of a grand 17th birthday, she chooses a baby bears shower party.. she’ll do the extravagant one next year, when she turns 18.


Leeteuk: Christine.. you don’t have to do this..


Christine: Nah.. it’s ok.. I want to do this..  it’s a bit boring if we do a formal dinner or something.


Leeteuk: But it’s your birthday.. and it’s Christmas!


Christine: trust me it’s ok.. now let’s start!


And so Christine was host to the Baby Bears Shower and Christmas Party. Christine’s Ball room was transformed into a baby haven with lots and lots of Christmas and Baby decorations in perfect unison.

It was a lot of fun, there were games fr the boys and the girls.. of course Sungmin and Ryeowook were in the girls team.. they’ve been there since when? It was just natural for them to be there.. no one was even questioning it.


They gave baby presents!


Heechulie gave a princess bedtime set while Hangeng gave a prince bedtime set… it was so obvious!

Sungmin gave out pink dresses and baby clothes while Kyuhyun gave them blue baby clothes, matching pairs for the twins.

Yesung and Ryeowook gave them 2 feeding sets, one for each twin.

Kibum and Siwon decided to give them changing tables with a year’s supply of diapers, a pink and a blue one.

Henry and Christine gave them a year’s supply of milk and vitamins..

Rei and Minji gave them Furnishings for the nursery

Tiff and Hyungjun took care of the toys and plushies for the twins

And finally their siblings gave the parents a customized shirt, one for Kangin and one for Leeteuk. Kangin’s shirt has a chibi bear drawing with a big Daddy Bear printed at the back, Leeteuk ‘s shirt has a chibi angel drawing and a big Angel Mom at the back. They also have matching shirts for the twins, one with Daddy’s little bear in pink and Mom’s little Angel in blue.


They took lots and lots of photos.. it was one Christmas they’ll never forget!



I’m moving!


The next day, Donghae packed all her thins and knocked on hyukjae’s door.


Hyukjae: Hae? What’s up?


Donghae flashed an innocent smile and entered the living room.


Donghae: Good Morning, where will I stay?


Leeteuk: oh, Hae, you’re here already…


Hyukjae: What is happening?


Leeteuk: oh, I forgot to tell you, we’re using Hae’s bedroom as the nursery for the twins, so she’ll be staying here and use my room.


Hyukjae: but..


Donghae: you don’t want me here?


Hyukjae: no it’s not..


Kangin: well, you see hyukjae, you’ll have to get used to it, you’ll be married soon enough anyway.. and just so you know, I don’t care if you and my sister do it.. just use protection!


There was a huge What? As the younger siblings screamed at their older siblings. The two just smiled and left the house to tidy up and arrange the nursery.


Hyukjae: well.. I guess I’ll take you to my room..


Hyukjae grabbed the bags and led the way to his noona’s room.


Donghae: Don’t mind my brother, he’s just joking..


Hyukjae: You don’t want to marry me?



December 31st


Close to midnight, the group is now gathering in Sungmin’s simple house for New Year’s Eve and eventually his birthday.  Almost all of them are present, except for the Newlyweds who are running a little late.


The two was running a bit late when Leeteuk is having pains and can’t seem to move. She is now having labor pains, Kangin is in panic mode.


Leeteuk: Kangin.. I think I’m going into labor..


Kangin: oh, that’s good… what?!?! You are what?!?!


Leeteuk: Call Dr. Shin!


Kangin: who?!?!?


Leeteuk: Dr. Shin! And take me to the hospital now!


Kangin: oh.. what no?


Leeteuk: speed dial 1!



The party started and they didn’t wait for the two MIA, Leeteuk is on her 9th month and she’ll soon be in labor so, it’ll be very risky for her to travel and the like..


And the countdown started as they turn off the lights and lighted the 20 candles on the birthday cake.














All of them looked at their phones and saw a group message from Kangin..


She’s in labor!


There were screams and wails of joy, of pain, of delight of remorse of shock and everything in between. Each of them ran towards the door to get to the Hospital but the lights are out and they all bumped to each other and someone tipped the cake over and soon the carpet was on fire someon threw water but the fire grew bigger. Mrs. Lee went into the living room, switched on the lights with a fire extinguisher at hand and finally put out the fire. Donghae was holding the bottle of red wine which she threw into the burning cake.


Donghae: oops!


They all breathe out in relief and Mrs. Lee scolded them. They all ran out the door and hurried to the cars. Mrs. Lee was a little shocked and puzzled at the behavior but soon calmed down when Sunny told her Leeteuk was in Labor.


Once in the cars they all drove to the hospital in frantic pace, as if playing a videogame, they drove through the highway way beyond the speed limit, dodging a few cars before them until they reached the hospital. They ran inside the lobby and talked to the receptionist all at once.


The receptionist has to calm everybody down before she could direct them to the Delivery room where Kangin was already in a Scrub suit waiting to enter the OR to be by Leeteuk’s side during her labor.  They ran like there’s no tomorrow and Yesung missed the turn and went straight into a waiting dirty laundry cart.


Ryeowook: Are you ok?


Yesung: YES.. let’s go


Kangin smiled before he entered the DR led by Dr. Shin.


Everyone waited anxiously.


Kyuhyun: Happy Birthday Minnie


And he placed a kiss on Minnie’s forehead. Minnie just rested his head on Kyuhyun’s shoulder as they all waited for the arrival of the twins.


Hyukjae paced outside the OR and Donghae stopped him as she laced her fingers with his and gave him a reassuring smile.


Dr. Shin: Leeteuk, I want you to push!


Leeteuk was now sweating hard as she grasp on Kangin’s Hand for support.


Kangin: c’mon baby, you can do it.


Kangin tried to be strong for his wife who is in terrible pain.


Leeteuk: AHHHH!!!! AHhh! Uhmmmm..


Leeteuk pushed and the older twin’s head started to appear. With a little guidance and a little more pushing, The older Twin was out. Dr. Shin handed the scissors to KAngin for him to cut the umbilical cord, which he did with all the Daddy Bear Pride. Leetek breathed hard as she tried to deliver the younger Twin out. With much success, the younger was out into the world and his proud daddy cut the umbilical cord just like he did on the older one.


Leeteuk was stitched up and she was wheeled into the Recovery room before she was transferred to her own room. The twins were cleaned and checked and was later placed in the nursery to be viewed by the loving circle of family and friends.


Kangin stepped out of the DR with a tired expression. It scared the whole group as they wait for the news. Kangin smiled and finally all of them rejoiced. They came to view the baby bears in the nursery.


Tiff: Do they have name now?


Kangin nodded as he smiled at two baby bears across the glass window.


He pointed to the larger baby bear and he said


Kangin: that’s Minho, the older twin, he’s mommy’s little angel


And he pointed to the younger twin


Kangin: and that’s Daddy’s baby bear, Mikan.


They all smiled and stared lovingly at Minho and Mikan, who slept in peace amidst the fireworks and the parties that surrounded them.


After sometime, they went back to Leeteuk’s room to celebrate. The 2 Mr. and Mrs. Lee’s were already there and Leeteuk was wearing Donghae’s and Hyukjae’s gift, the shirt with the chibi angel. Mrs. Lee handed Kangin his shirt, which he quickly wear. Kangin kissed his wife tenderly as he whispered in her ears lovingly


Kangin: you did well..


Leeteuk smiled and soon Minho and Mikan were  wheeled in and were already wearing matching shirts. Sungmin took his camera and asked the new mom and dad to pose with the twin bears. A few snapshots later, they were all celebrating


It’s New Year..


It’s Sungmin’s Birthday..


And now He’ll always be celebrating his birthday with two lovely angels or bears..




A/N: there the first special ^_^

It’s also a somewhat birthday tribute to Sungmin ^_^ and for the New Year ^_^

and if you want me to write a Eunhae smut.. ^_^ just say it ^_^


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