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Angel's sacrifice (Part 3)

title: Angel’s Sacrifice

pairing: HenWook, Yewook, HenYeWook [girl!/angel!Ryeowook], qmimin[girl!Zhoumi, sungmin. Angels! qmimin]

Other Characters: Siwon,

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff rating: PG summary: Henry is a very lonely guy who just lost his mother on an accident and is loosing his father to cancer. Ryeowook is a curious angel who wanted to help others in need, and thus befriended Henry. But the friendship turned into a romantic relationship and one of them has to sacrifice something, it’s not an easy choice.


As the night deepens, Henry was a little curious about something..


“what is the difference between ghosts and angels?”


Ryeowook gave a chuckle, Henry didn’t find anything funny about it


“you see, ghost are souls that have unfinished businesses”


“like casper?”


“sort of..”


“and Angels are?”


“angels are well, those that have pure hearts and were called by the heavens, most were untimely.”


“so how did you die?”


“you’re very direct to the point!”




Henry was drawn into a white light and they were back in the past. It was a prom night, or atleast it was what Henry thought it was. They searched through the crowded dance floor to see the young Ryeowook dancing with a young lad.


Henry was a little stunned to see a made up Ryeowook; he thought he was really pretty.


“you look pretty!”


“thank you”


Ryeowook introduced the guy as Yesung, the school top vocalist. Ryeowook, well the young Ryeowook gazed lovingly in to the dark eyes of Yesung and Henry is a bit uncomfortable with it, he did not know why. Ryeowook explained that they love each other deeply and truly but their parent disagrees


“like Romeo and Juliet”


“well I thought I was Juliet”


“so you killed your self?”


“sort of.. but Romeo didn’t follow me..”


“so you died and he’s alive?”


“yes.. but it wasn’t his fault though.. It’s just that, I was so angry with my mom I locked myself in my room and my vision got blurred and the next thing I knew, I was seeing myself, blood stained.”


“you commit suicide just like that!”


“I was so young and never knew what I was doing..”


“I’m sorry.. I shouldn’t judge you on anything..”


“it’s ok..”


“so what happened to Yesung?”


“I don’t know.. It’s been so long..”


“it’s ok.. but how do you feel? Did you regret ever committing suicide?”


“I guess.. but if it’s your time, it’s your time.. and it was my time..”


“I see..”


“so tell me more about your self”


With a flash, they were back in Henry’s bedroom. Henry lied on the bed while Ryeowook sat beside him.




“are you close with your parents?”


“I don’t know.. well I’m close with my mom..”


“I’m sorry..”


“it’s ok..”


Henry closed his eyes while Ryeowook hummed a lullaby, it made Henry feel comfortable and relaxed, soon sleep dawned on him, but he feels that he knows this melody, he’s just not sure where he heard it.


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter.. so somehow the story is a bit clear.. and judging by the pace, I think it’ll be a short series ^_^

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