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[smut] Bounce to you… what a video, video, video?

title:  Bounce to you… what a video, video, video?

pairing: Kyumin..  with little henyewook, donghae and Zhou mi

subject:  Smut, fluff, crack, musical?
rating: NC-17
summary: Kyuhyun and Sungmin decided to just do it, without knowing pairs of eyes watched over them.


a/n: my first Kyumin smut.. and this was my sister’s idea.. blame it on Lee [henchie]

and her actions for Mimi was so adorable that I have to write it…

means lines were sang to Miinah tunes




Bonamana Fever infected each and every E.L.F.s and even ordinary listeners alike. The dance was intricate and the tune was addicting. Each and every person in the street is muttering BONAMANA in different ways.


Of all the dance Super Junior had for the past five years, this one was very special, most especially to Sungmin because Kyuhyun has a very sensual and seductive part. It’s as if his boyfriend was literally teasing him with those hip thrusts. Believe me, it drove Sungmin to the edge when they first learned the choreography. Seeing Kyuhyun front and center made his nose bleed like Eunhyuk when he saw Hae do it.

Bounce to you.. bounce to you..

This was Sungmin’s favorite line why? Because he can’t erase the image of him bouncing up and down Kyuhyun, enjoying the ride. Those malicious thoughts were enough to drive the bunny princess crazy. And it finally came to its limitations, Sungmin can’t restrain himself anymore.


As Kyuhyun had his eyes glued on the screen and clicked on the area where his minions would attack, he felt warm kisses down his nape and onto his shoulders. When he looked up, it was Sungmin with an evil grin.


“Minnie.. anything wrong?”


I want you.. want you.. want you..


Kyuhyun smirked as he closed the browser but Sungmin was in such a rush that Kyuhyun accidentally pressed the video call button on Henry’s skype.


“Minnie.. don’t be hasty!”


Sungmin pulled and tugged and soon they were both naked and Sungmin was sucking on kyuhyun’s half hard member.


Meanwhile, Donghae was practicing some dance routine when he noticed something flashing on Henry’s laptop screen.

mwuhl salkka, salkka.. salkka..Henry henry something’s flashing..


“maybe aliens are contacting you!”


Ryeowook was passing by and he saw Donghae intently staring at the screen.


True true,  a video call. Henry you should Answer it


Ryeowook pushed Donghae away and let the hamster answer the call.


“Hyung! I don’t think it’s mom!”


Henry left the screen alone. Ryeowook and Donghae returned and checked out the mysterious call. Their eyes widened as they saw two figures move.


Yesung was passing by and was singing as well when he too wondered what the two was watching


Gidarinda. Miinah!

The two instinctively answered back


Hope you'll step to me, step to me


Yesung’s eyes widened as he realized what the two were watching.

ha ha ha ha ha ha haHA

 *Ryeowook’s head meet Donghae’s head*  Yesung made the two heads collide with a thump, making Donghae push the record button


“ouch.. what was that for hyung?”


Donghae protested and Yesung shouted back.


“it’s Kyuhyun and Sungmin you fools!”


At that, Henry was now interested and squeezed in to watch, Ryeowook tried to stop the mochi.


“Henry.. you’re too young for this!”


Henry tried to remove Ryeowook’s hands from his eyes.


“as if hyung we don’t do that too!”


Ryeowook blushed hard and Yesung smacked Henry’s head!


“you’re not supposed to reveal that to all, it’s a private thing!”



“I know why you’re embarrassed Yesung hyung it’s because you have..”


Yesung muffled the Mochi as he covers Henry’s mouth to restrain him, Ryeowook blushed harder


“they don’t have to know THAT!”


“Know what?”

 Zhou mi entered the room and peeked into the screen. His wide eyes narrowed and he instinctively covered his eyes and ran away from the rest.


“EEEEHHHHH I don’t need to see that! Turn it off! Turn it off!”


The screams and wails buzz from the speaker, all four pair of eyes stare at the screen intently.


“Kyu… ahhhh.. yeah…. Fuck me there”


Kyuhyun removes his fingers and Sungmin moans with displeasure.


“we should also do this type of show!~”


Yesung smacked Donghae and the younger rubbed the sore part.


“ouch Hyung.. that really hurts!”


“you should keep your mouth shut!”


Kyuhyun smirked and sang


With you, I’ll always be a winner..


I’m better than any other girl.. girl.. girl..



And just as Sungmin would want it, Kyuhyun lied on the bed and motion for Sungmin to come to him.


“I know you’ve been waiting for this Minnie..”


Sungmin nodded and he stepped into the bed and gently lowered himself on the waiting hard member. He bent down to Kiss kyuhyun and off he went up and down, fucking himself.


Bounce to you.. bounce to you.. feeling you in me..


“yeah Minnie.. ah… just like that..”


He continued to bounce until he found it at last. Sungmin stopped and grinds his hips as Kyuhyun’s member hit that bundle of fucking nerves that gave them both so much pleasure they’ll probably die happy after this.


“Sungmin.. God.. I can feel it.. you’re so good at this…”


“not as good as you hyunnie bunny..”


Sungmin rode once again and his pace was frantic, he was close. But Kyuhyun had other plans. He’s so enjoying himself with all this fucking pleasure, why stop so damn soon. He stopped Sungmin from going up and he kissed the older, long and hard. Their tongues meet and fought for dominance, Kyu won obviously, but who really cares? Kyuhyun sucked on Sungmin’s neck and left pretty bruises and red marks along the way.


Kyuhyun let Sungmin Lie on the bed while he stood and arranged Sungmin just as he wanted it to be, easier to fuck him senseless. Sungmin took the liberty of placing his smooth right leg on Kyuhyun’s shoulder and the latter held onto Sungmin’s hips.


“it’ll get a little rough now Minnie~Bunny..”


“we should have our pet names too..” 


Henry commented and the other three stared at him.


“what? ... I want to be called Mochi baby too or something!”


“but I call you that already.”


Ryeowook kissed the maknae and brushed his soft hair, Henry blushed.



Sungmin moans with pleasure as Kyuhyun thrusts deeper and faster, Sungmin bucked his hips high and the two was in a rhythm.


“yah.. that’s it…. fuck it baby… ahhh!”


Sweat dripped from Kyuhyun’s handsome face and he doesn’t care! All he cares for now is to make both of them come and experience that fucking orgasm they both deserve..


“close baby..”


“no not yet…”


Kyuhyun wasn’t ready.. no.. not yet ready.. more to come… faster… deeper.. more…

Kyuhyun abruptly removed his cock and Sungmin whines..




“on fours..”


Kyuhyun simply said and Sungmin obliged. He knelt and Kyuhyun inserted his hard cock, dripping with pre-come. He didn’t wait for Sungmin to breathe, he continued thrusting. This is much better.. easier.. and Kyuhyun searched for that nerves again. Kyuhyun thrusts deeper and in frantic pace.


“Kyu.. deeper.. it’s fucking there!”


Kyuhyun hates demands but he knows too well that they both wanted it and he did go deeper. Sungmin’s arms gave way, wand he slumps on the bed, clutching the bed sheets as sweat drips from his face.


“I’ll find it baby.. “


And he did, Sungmin screams and he muffled his own scream with the sheets. Kyuhyun hit it again and again, Sungmin’s back arched gracefully and Kyuhyun finally saw some fucking stars: all 15 of those fucking stars!


The two came and Kyuhyun collapsed on the bed, breathing hard. Sungmin slipped beside him and the two caught their breath before kissing again: long and passionate.


“wow.. those two can really work it!”


The four leaped from surprise to hear Zhou mi comment.


“I thought you hated these kinds of stuff..”


“I thought it was Heechul-hyung.. he might kill us all if he knew we’re recording his activities..”




Donghae asked and Zhou mi pointed at the glowing red button.


“oh.. so that was it..”


Ryeowook quickly pressed the recording button and the video was saved. Henry clicked the file and again, the scene replayed. Just then, Kyuhyun went out to get some water when he noticed the five cramming in front of the screen.


What are you looking at? Can you tell me about it all?


The five panicked and searched for the stop button but Sungmin caught a glimpse of the video and saw himself bouncing on Kyuhyun. His eyes went wide and his expressions turned into a ninja assassin.


is that our video, video video?


The five nodded and suddenly Ryeowook had a bad feeling about it

I think we need to go, yes to go.. I mean it go.. go GO!


Henry grabbed his laptop and the five made a run for it.


wait you five, I’ll get you, get you GET YOU!


a/n: kill me now! Ahahahah.. it’s not exactly what my sisters imagined it to be but it’s the best that I can do..


*head shot*  for 2 smuts in one day!

Tags: donghae, henyewook, kyumin, smut, zhou mi
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