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[smut] suju scandal [1 - Let's give it a try]

title: Suju Scandal  [1]

pairing: Eunhae with SiTeukChul [?]  and the rest of Super Junior

subject:  Smut, fluff, crack, fail
rating: NC-17
summary: When Donghae decided to try something with Eunhyuk, he asked for his hyung’s help and ended up having a Suju scandal part 2


a/n: again.. from the minds of my sisters [Henchie] and me ^^;

Sequel to bounce to you… what a video, video, video?

And for  asa_cook for requesting this ^^; and this will be my 13th smut…

sang in Miinah tune

Divided into 4 parts since it became too long.. mianhe




The five of them were lucky enough to escape the wrath of the bunny princess. Yes if they were actually caught, they’ll be minced meat with Sungmin’s amazing martial arts! The five breathe a sigh of relief as they lock themselves inside Ryeowook and Yesung’s shared room.


“when we get out of here, I want to try it with Hyukkie”


Donghae excitedly said as he hugged Ryeowook’s pillow.


“hyung, that is if we get out of here!”


Ryeowook emphasized the if part. Donghae pouted and slumped on the bed when an idea struck in Donghae’s usually blank slate he calls mind.


“Henry, give me a copy!’




Henry rejected the idea and hugged his dear laptop.


“sorry Hyung, that SUJU scandal may end up somewhere and all the fangirls would post it to any site they could and would ruin the reputation we all worked so hard for!”


Henry argued and Donghae just pouted.


“as if! Those girls would totally love it! they love Kyumin!”


Donghae retaliated and Yesung coughed a little to get his attention.  Ehem! Donghae looked at the Hyung who shook his head into Zhou mi’s direction; Zhou mi was looking outside the window looking a little depressed.


“I’m sorry Mimi.. I didn’t mean to hurt you and your qmi OTP..”


“it’s ok Hae.. this is nothing. But I do agree with Henry.. we should be careful with those kinds of videos”

Donghae sulked even more and this breaks the poor little heart of the maknae: Henry was super close with his Donghae hyung.


“Promise you won’t use it to no good?”


Henry asked and Donghae nodded.




Donghae jumped for joy and grabbed something from his pocket, it was his flash drive.


“no viruses hyung?”


“I clean Aicer regularly!”


A few minutes passed and the file was transferred. Sungmin was kind enough to let them go unscathed because by now, Leeteuk and Eunhyuk are back from their Radio show. When Leeteuk heard the news of SUJU scandal, he was so furious at the two that he enforced a no kyumin for a week: no texts, no skypes, no calls, no sweet talking, no fanfic, no sex and no videos! Kyuhyun must stay with Yesung and Sungmin will be roommates with Ryeowook for the meantime.


The five didn’t have easier time as well: Henry was sent to his room and away from Ryeowook, His laptop was confiscated; and Henry saw something in Leeteuk’s eyes and he had a bad feeling about the confiscation. Ryeowook was allowed to cook dinner and Breakfast since they can’t afford to let Yesung do that chore. Ddangkkoma was confiscated as well and Kyuhyun has to take care of the poor turtle. Donghae wasn’t given any sweets and Zhou Mi can’t make his usual oolong tea and was really depressed: Kyuhyun snuck one pack for the Chinese doll when Leeteuk was back to his own room and Zhou Mi was more than happy when he saw the pack of Tea leaves.


“Hug Kyuhyun for me Mimi!”


Sungmin shouted from his room and Zhou Mi hugged the gamekyu.


“a hug from Sungmin..”


Kyuhyun cried on his shoulders, Zhou mi patted his back and soon Sungmin hugged him as well. Zhou mi was caught in the middle of two lovebirds crying for they missed each other so much. Zhou mi smiled at the two.


“it’s only been thirty minutes!”




Donghae knocked on Eunhyuk’s door and entered. Eunhuk was getting ready to sleep when he saw Donghae enter and grabbed his laptop.

“Hae.. it’s late.. You should sleep now!”


Eunhyuk yawned and sat on his bed. Donghae sat beside him and played the video they recorded earlier.




Donghae looked at him with those puffy puppy eyes.


“I want to do stuff like.. I think it’s pretty exciting don’t you think?”


Eunhyuk was disgusted with the idea. They are not having sex! What they do is not just sex.. it’s making love and these stuff are what Eunhyuk hates the most.


“Hae… this is disgusting.. I’m not a porn star for God’s sake!”


“shhh! Siwon might get mad at you! But Hyukkie.. this is pretty exciting.. the different positions.. its..”


“so you’re getting bored with what I do?”


“no.. not that Hyukkie.. I just thought..”


Eunhyuk ignored the fishy and slept already. Donghae’s eyes were filled with tears as he closed the laptop and left Eunhyuk’s room.


“Turn off the lights and close the door gently!”


Eunhyuk muttered though eyes closed. Donghae pouted and turned off the lights but closed the doors so loudly Eunhyuk the hinges would give in. Donghae returned to the 12th floor dorm and was greeted by Heechul with his usual night mask.


“what’s up my baby Hae?”


Donghae was so scared when he saw Heechul covered with white stuff that he thought it was a ghost.


“you stay away from me!”


Donghae used his flash drive to protect himself from the ghost.


“it’s me you fool!”


Donghae felt relieved as he realized it was in fact Heechul. Donghae sat on the couch and started his story, Heechul was utterly interested.


“hmmm.. Sounds like you need my help!”


Heechul’s eyes sparkle as an idea came to him. He led the favorite dongsaeng to his room and let him sit on the bed.


“I’ve never been inside room.. why only one bed?”


Heechul smirked ass he searched through his stuff.


“Hannie and I share the bed..”


Donghae nodded his head. Soon Heechul found what he was looking for and handed Donghae an earpiece; Donghae looked at it carefully.


“Hyung.. why would I need an earpiece?”


Heechul placed his left hand on his waist and raised an eyebrow.


“You’re looking at the Diva! And every move you can think of, Me and Hannie had done it.. “


Donghae’s eyes widened with inspiration and a smile came to his face.


“you mean..”


“wear this and I’ll be directing you to make all the right moves and soon, that monkey of yours will beg you to do it over and over!”


There’s a hint of evil in Heechul’s eyes but Donghae was so excited he seemed not to notice it.


“just one thing Hae.. Turn on your webcam so I can direct you ok?”


Donghae smiled and nodded his head like an obedient puppy, soon he was out of the room and preparing for the event.




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