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[smut] suju scandal [4 – Super scandal]

title: Suju Scandal  [4]

pairing: Eunhae with SiTeukChul [?]  and the rest of Super Junior

subject:  Smut, fluff, crack, fail
rating: NC-17
summary: When Donghae decided to try something with Eunhyuk, he asked for his hyung’s help and ended up having a Suju scandal part 2


a/n: again.. from the minds of my sisters [Henchie] and me ^^;

Sequel to bounce to you… what a video, video, video?

And for  asa_cook for requesting this ^^; and this will be my 13th smut…

sang in Miinah tune

Divided into 4 parts since it became too long.. mianhe





“what’s this?”


Their manager hyung greeted them early the next morning. All of them were gathered in the conference room and on the projector screen, KyuMin Scandal was playing. Sungmin’s face was cherry red with embarrassment as he held unto Zhou Mi’s arms.


“It’s a mistake.. an honest mistake..”


“explain it to me Cho Kyuhyun, Lee Sungmin!”


Their manager was furious.


“but it’ll just spark the interest of Kyumin fans don’t you think?”


Heechul saved the two dongsaengs as the manager calmed a little.


“and now this?”


Then on the screen flashed Eunhae’s little workout that night. It was hotter and sexier than the previous scene: Kyuhyun and Sungmin were a little jealous, Eunhae is too much to topple, and even at that they were way better.


“and don’t tell me it’s for the fans too!”


The manager rolled his eyes but Heechul wouldn’t let his dongsaengs down


“you know, Eunhyuk’s twitter receives thousands of comments with his Eunhae moments.. an by the way, how’d you get those?”


Heechul was getting really worked up, Leeteuk was surprised that this Diva Bitch would stand up for his dongsaengs, like a true leader.


“have you forgotten that your laptops are all connected via remote desktop?”


Oops.. may have forgotten that detail.


“I’ll take care of it.. as long as no one gets a hold of these videos then it’s under control.. just make sure you perform well on the stage today.”


The rest were dismissed and poor manager hyung is left to think of plan oprotect the idol image of Super Junior.


“aish.. those guys.. they live up to their name.. they make everything super.. even their problems..”


Before they take on the stage, Leeteuk was deep in thought and when they were called for their cue, Leeteuk stopped Heechul and whispered in his ears.


“wanna feed the fans curiosity?”


Heechul grinned and put on his shades.


“You bet I will..”



a/n: haven’t anyone noticed the start of TeukChul moments? They started the promotions being far apart:




And now the two are getting closer than ever..


*flail for this pic!* Omg.. that look on Heechul’s face.. he’s so pretty.. and Teukie.. OMG.. looks like he’s going to devour Heechul! *smutty thoughts*


I have nothing against kangteuk and hanchul.. I love those pairings but is this the start of TeukChul OTP’s popularity?


Oh well I love both of them anyway

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