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Chatmates ♥ special series - YeWook [b]

 Changmin: We are in the private summer house of the Kim family. This is their golf course and only a handful of individuals know about this. You are complete safe since the whole perimeter is guarded and no paparazzi can even infiltrate this site. Young master will be arriving shortly. You may take a seat by the bench over there.

Ryeowook nodded despite the confusion and he walked towards the bench. Changmin left him. Ryeowook saw a little creature atop the bench, it was a turtle with a note on it’s shell:


 Ryeowook took the turtle and placed it on his lap, he took the note and read it. He noticed a red yarn tied on it’s neck.

Ryeowook: Hey there ddangkkoma, I’m Ryeowook.  Ok.. so you want me to follow this thread?

Ddangkkoma just moved It’s head to the side. Ryeowook stood up and gently followed the thread and there were more notes attached to it.


 Ryeowook followed the thread and kept all the notes.

Ryeowook: I have a bad feeling about your owner!

The turtle made a little whimper to at least stand up for his owner.

Ryeowook: I see you completely disagrees with me

They finally made their way to a gazebo with lights and flowers surrounding the place. They stepped inside to see the red thread connected to a circular gold thingy that resembles a piñata! Ryeowook looked at it with more confussion than worry before looking at ddangkkoma and decided to pull the string. Out came confetti a scroll and a ring tied to the red string. The scroll read:


Marry me, Kim Ryeowook


Ryeowook stared at the scroll for the longest time before someone wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s waist, he almost dropped ddangkkoma


Yesung: what do you say?


Ryeowook turned to face his lover, Yesung’s hands were still around his waist and their lips only inches away.


Ryeowook: I..


Yesung kissed him and pulled him closer. Ryeowook didn’t respond back. Yesung let go and walked towards the ring and removed the strings.


Yesung: well.. I guess it’s a no..

Ryeowook put down ddangkkoma and walked towards Yesung and kissed him tenderly.


Ryeowook: You watch too much SJM Mv’s!


Yesung: what?! Of course not!


Ryeowook: you got the idea from Blue tomorrow!


Yesung: what?! Fine you got me!


Ryeowook: Yes!


Yesung: You don’t have to be excited that you got me..


Ryeowook: Yesung Yes!


Yesung: don’t put it in my face that I’m a total copycat of your SJM!


Ryeowook placed one hand on Yesung’s face gently and looked straight in his eyes.


Ryeowook: My answer is yes, I want to marry you.


Yesung was stunned and was embarrassed. Ryeowook got a little impatient.


Ryeowook: If I don’t see that ring on my finger, you can say good bye to me and your dream wedding!


Yesung immediately placed the ring on Ryeowook’s ring finger, the only problem is he placed it on the wrong hand. Ryeowook gently gave a chuckle and Yesung blushed so hard.


Yesung: I hate you! I planned so hard for this and you ruin the moment!


Yesung was a little teary eyed. Ryeowook wrapped his arms around the his neck and kissed him once


Ryeowook: I’m sorry.. but your pet is faster than you, and he’s a turtle!


Yesung wrapped his arms around Ryeowook’s waist and kissed him.


Yesung: we’re extremely alike, we carry the world on our backs.


And they laughed at how Yesung’s perfect proposal ended up in a complete comedy act. They now walked towards a clubhouse, Yesung was carried by Yesung and the red thread removed. They were welcomed with more confetti as their family and friends came to celebrate their engagement.


Ryeowook: but..


Yesung: I told you I planned this out.. and since you now have a ring on your finger, we can get married!


Ryeowook was speechless. They went to pay respect to their parents who were seated at the tables in front and they both bowed low.  When they were finished, their parents talked to them.


Yuri:  Ryeowook oppa, I know you worry about the heirs.. but it’s possible, I can donate my eggcells and you can do artificial insemination.


Yoona Kim: since Yuri is too young to get pregnant, I’m willing to be the surrogate mother..


Yesung: but mom, yuri..


Rea Kim: Same goes with you Yesung, Ryeowook’s cousin had agreed to do the same thing and I’ll be the surrogate mom. You don’t have to worry about heirs and such..


Ryeowook: But mom, auntie.. it’s too risky..


Yoona Kim: It’s ok.. it’ll be alright.. and call me mommy!


Rea Kim: you know wookie dear, we just wanted you two to live a happy life together.. you belong with each other..


Ryeowook cried at the overwhelming love and support.


Ryeowook: Thank you..


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