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hatmates ♥ special - hanchul [a]

title: Chatmates special - hanchul [a]

pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG
summary: What happened after chatmates?

a/n: not yet done since i'm doing some things like my thesis. will be finishing soon

♥ hanchul



 Finally Heechulie’s dream wedding will come into reality. The Kim’s and Han’s are busy with the preparations. It won’t be just a wedding, it’ll be the wedding of the century; she’s an heiress and only daughter, she won’t settle for anything second best. She made sure she wears a Vera Wang gown for the ceremony and a Monique Lhuillier for the reception. Her groom should wear a one of a kind Dolce & Gabanna suit that compliments her gown. The cake should be 9 tiers, yesung had 7, hers should be bigger, taller, better. She wanted a cheongsam for the reception and she wanted a luxurious garden wedding and a grand reception at the Kim’s summer house mansion. She wanted 8 bridesmaids and two maids of honor; Hangeng shoud have the same number of best men and grooms men. She’ll have a long trail and Henry should play her song when she walks down the aisle. She’ll walk with her four brothers and her father to the altar and…


Hangeng: What!?!?!?!?!??!

 Heechulie: huh?

 Hangeng: What the hell is all these stuff?

 Heechulie: It’s my plans..

 Hangeng: no.. no.. and no..

 Heechulie: Why?

 Hangeng: This is too much! I’ll have one best man.. and what 8 groomsmen?

 Heechulie: But it’s my dream wedding!

 Hangeng: We cannot do this.. how many guests are you planning to invite anyway?

 Heechulie: around 5000..

 Hangeng: Definitely not!

 Heechulie: Why?

 Hangeng: Because it’s too much for a wedding..

 Heechulie’s eyes were welling up with tears as she defended herself from her fiancé


Heechulie: but I’ve been dreaming of a princess wedding since I was little…

 Hangeng: but we can make it a simple yet intimate wedding., besides I’m no prince

 Hangeng comforted the crying fiancé. The door suddenly opened and four men entered without notice.

 Jonghyun: I see you’re making my sister cry

 Hangeng: oh.. I’m sorry..

 Heechulie: Jonghyun-oppa..

 Jonghyun: I guess there’ll be no wedding after all!

 Heechulie: no.. how could you say that!

 Jonghyun: your groom is backing out..

 Heechulie: what?


Heechulie turned to her fiancé who has his fingers clenched in a fist. Joonghyun just smiled with amusement.

 Jonghyun: I knew it from the start.. such a waste of time..

 Heechulie: no! Hannie.. we will get married right?

 Hangeng: that depends chulie..

 Heechulie: What?

 Hangeng: I guess I’m not welcome to be part of your family

 Heechulie: no.. Hannie.. I love you, you know that right!

 Hangeng: can you leave everything behind?

 Heechulie: I don’t understand!

Hangeng: Once you marry me, you’ll be a Han, and you can no longer go back to being a Kim, you’ll no longer have this privileged life you had.

 Heechulie: but you are rich right? I mean you are the president.. and why do I have to leave my family?

 Hangeng: it’s our rules.. you can no longer go back to your family, are you willing to risk everything?

 Jonghyun: Well, Chulie.. you know in this world, you have to choose and let go. Once you marry him, you are no longer welcome in this family.

 Heechulie: but, the merger.. I mean.. what is happening?


Joonghyun laughed and Hangeng tightened his clenched fist.


Jonghyun: how can you overlook this detail? We own the largest agency in show business, and with his company as our rival, it won’t be good to be at the center of the crossfire, you’re bound to get hurt!

Heechulie: but the merger?

 Jonghyun: nah.. it won’t do anything.. it’s a waste of time, they’ll just use our name and eventually, they’ll backstab us.

 Heechulie: no…

 Hangeng: Well, you have to choose..

 Heechulie: but I can’t!

 Hangeng: When I leave this room, I’m never coming back!

 Heechulie: what? How can you quickly decide on that?

 Hangeng: because I have important matters to attend to, and I can do fine without you.

 Heechulie: you really mean that..

 Hangeng: guess I was wrong to use you for my plans.. you are just a useless spoiled heiress that can’t do anything without your big brothers!

 Heechulie: you mean that?

 HAngeng just turned his back and walked out the door, Heechulie was crying so hard.

 Heechulie: Hannie! Hannie! How can you..

 Jonghyun: let it go..it was doomed from the start!

 Heechulie: How can you! How can you say that!

 Taemin: Well.. we have uncovered his plans and we just want to save you.. we love you and we don’t want you to get hurt!

 Heechulie: Whatever! You are all so selfish you never think of what I feel! All these years, you let me fall for him and now that I can’t turn back you want me to leave him? For what? for the company? You want to be the best by trampling on your competitors? At the cost of your sister’s happiness? How could you? And don’t ever tell me it’s for my own good! Because I’ve been livng my life under your control! And I’m not gonna let you ruin my life.. at least what’s left of it!


Heechulie went out of the room to chase after the fiancé. When she reached the front door, Jaejoong was there to greet her.

 Jaejoong: My lady,

 Heechulie: Where’s Hangeng?

 Jaejoong: He just left.

 Heechulie ran outside to chase after the car Hangeng was in but she was too late, they just went out the front gate

 Heechulie: Hannie.. I want to spend my life with you.. I want to be your wife.. I want you.. more than my life..

 And she cried there in front of the large gate. Jaejoong approached his master and assisted her inside the house. The four brothers looked out the window, with smiles on their faces.


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