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Chatmates ♥ special - hanchul [b]

title: Chatmates special - hanchul [b]

pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG
summary: What happened after chatmates?

a/n: not yet done since i'm doing some things like my thesis. will be finishing soon


 Jaejoong tucked his master in bed and sang her a lullaby.

 Heechulie: Jaejoong, why are you here?

 Jaejoong: to protect you my lady.

 Heechulie: why?

 Jaejoong: It’s my sworn duty..

 Heechulie: Did you ever wanted to leave?

 Jaejoong: of course not my lady

 Heechulie: why?

 Jaejoong: loyalty, my lady. We choose our masters and we never leave. It is our sixth sense, we have affinity to our masters, we protect them no matter what.

 Heechulie: be honest. Do you like Hannie as my fiancé?

 Jaejoong: I have nothing against young master Hangeng.

 Heechulie: really?

 jaejoong: He makes you smile and happy and he makes you a better person. He inspires you to be the best in whatever you do. He made you walk again and even studied Chinese.. You never liked learning foreign languages.

 Heechulie smiled a little.

 Heechulie: sigh.. will you still protect me if I become a Han?

 Jaejoong: I have binding contracts with the Kims,

 Heechulie frowned and bowed her head

 Heechulie: oh, I see

 Jaejoong: but I can terminate that contract..

 Heechulie: but you’ll get in trouble with your clan.

 Jaejoong: I’m willing to do anything for my lady, I have a sworn duty to protect you, and death shall only stop me from doing so.

 Heechulie: Jaejoong, you are my Hero.. Can I call you Hero?

 Jaejoong: Whatever your heart desires, my lady.

 Heechulie smiled and closed her eyes, Hero continued to sing a lullaby that carried Heechulie to dreamland. Hero left the room to face the older brothers, he has a duty to her master and he’s willing to do anything, even going head to head with the brothers.

 Jonghyun: I see, you came to score even?

 Jaejoong: I’m here for my young master..

 Taemin: Well.. what are you to do?

 Jaejoong: whatever it takes..

 Nickhun: So.. you’re risking everything for that girl?

 Jaejoong: She’s my master..

 Jokwon: Oh stop this nonsense.. jaejoong.. just tell me, where is that Chinese guy going?

 Jaejoong: I am in no position to tell you that!

 Jokwon: You’re persistent.. well let’s have a deal.. I’ll tell you a secret and you’ll tell me what I want to hear!

 Jaejoong: roll the dice..

 Jokwon smiled at the bodyguard and approached him, He whispered something in his ears that made the other wide eyed, the three brothers smiled.

 Jaejoong: well he’s going back to China for some important things to attend to. That’s all I know..

 Jokwon: that wasn’t so hard.. now how’s my sister?

 Jaejoong: asleep, but she’ll probably hate all of you..

 Taemin: oh that girl really Is stubborn!

 Nickhun: ha! Look who’s talking, she’s a carbon copy of you!

 Taemin: am not!

 Nickhun: yes you are!

 Jonghyun: stop it you two.. we need to arrange a lot of things.. Jaejoong, I expect your fair share..

 Jaejoong: I understand.



Heechulie woke up the next day feeling gloomy and wishing everything was just a dream, unfortunately, it wasn’t.


Jaejoong: Good morning my lady


Heechulie: Hero, hmm.. where is Hannie?


Jaejoong: I believe he is in China right now.


Heechulie: Why?


Jaejoong: He has some matters to take care of.


Jaejoong turned the TV on an the news was on



Seemeelee Inc. President Hangeng is now back in China for some business matters and questions about his forthcoming wedding were raised when rumors surfaced after his apparent return without his fiancé. His spokesperson announced that the wedding is currently put on hold as important matters concerning both companies surfaced such as lawsuits and complaints as well as stocks and other matters.


Heechulie was again teary eyed and her eyes are so puffy and red. Jaejoong frowned at how miserable her master is.


Heechulie: Why didn’t I know all of these?


Jaejoong: my lady?


Heechulie: am I really useless? Am I just hiding behind the walls my brothers had build? Am I looming in the shadows casted by them? Can’t I be of any importance that I don’t know any of this?


Jaejoong: My lady, you are making yourself worry for no reason.


Heechulie: Hero? Do you know how I waited years to have my wedding and now what? I can never be with my one true love!


Jaejoong: My lady, I know it’ll be ok. You just have to trust your heart.


Heechulie: but I seriously can’t for my heart has shattered into million of pieces when Hannie left me.


Jaejoong: It’ll be over soon my lady, just wait a little while.


Three months went by just like that, Heechulie became depressed each day and she grew thinner. Dark circles were now forming under her eyes. Christine came to check her unni.


Christine: Unni?


Heechulie just stirred in her bed, she is not in the mood to talk to anyone, she trusted no one but jaejoong.


Christine: Unni.. I have a letter for you.


Still no answer.


Christine: Unni, I came to hand this over, Hangeng-gege can’t send it directly since it’ll get intercepted sohe asked me to give this to you.


Christine geld out the letter but Heechulie didn’t care.


Christine: I know you’re going through a lot but can you at least read this. Hangeng-gege is having a tough time too.. he’s handling some major problems with the company and he is needed there. He worries for you and thinks about you every day.


Heechulie shrugged her shoulders. Christine’s cell phone rang and she answered it. Henry was yelling at the other line and Christine turned on the TV only to drop the remote at the news being broadcasted.


Breaking News from Beijing, China


Apparently, about ten minutes ago, MR. Hangeng, president of Seemeelee Inc. was rushed to the Beijing National Hospital for complaints of chest pains. He is currently being treated at the said hospital and his attending physian, Korean Doctor, Dr. Shin is now aboard the Han’s private jet to treat him. There have been speculations about the incident, however, it seems that his previous heart ailment has been aggravated by the turmoil this past three months.


Heechulie is now wide awake and tears are falling in her eyes. She grabbed the letter Christine was holding and ran towards the door. He asked jaejoong to prepare her private jet and passport, she’s going to China.


Taemin: Where do you think you’re going?


Heechulie: none of your business!


Taemin: you learned to fight back!


Heechulie: just step aside


Taemin: I won’t let you marry that fool


Heechulie: fool? What fool? You think I’ll let you control my life? You’ve been doing so for the past 21 years, I won’t let you do further damage!


Taemin: what will you do?


Heechulie: is that a dare?


Taemin: What if it is?


Heechulie: Watch me!


Heechulie pushed her older brother aside and walked with much elegance and style towards the front door where Jaejoong is waiting for her with a suitcase at hand.


Taemin: you do know that once you go there, you can never go back!


Heechulie smiled and turned to her brother.


Heechulie: I’ll take my chances..


Taemin: You’ll regret this Chulie!


Heechulie: no I won’t! what I regretted doing is to have waited this long to make a decision.. and now I’m wasting no time..


And she walked past the front door and off to the airfield where her private jet awaits. Christine stopped behind Taemin and the older man turned to smile at the younger.


Taemin: so what do you think?


Christine: Hmm.. there are things to be done.. it’ll only buy us time.


Taemin: do you think I was being to harsh on my sister?


Christine: I guess.. you were being too overprotective, but you have to let her go one of these days.,.


Taemin: and that time has come… well then, I have things to attend to..


Christine: me too..




Heechulie was greeted by flashes of light and jaejoong has to do the impossible to get her master out of the eyes of the public, They were able to reach the hospital with much difficulty. At least the hospital was a private niche. She went directly to Hangeng’s room where Henry was staring at the window, Hangeng was asleep and resting. Henry was surprised to see Heechulie there so fast.


Henry: Well, you sure are fast.


Heechulie: How is he?


Henry: Well.. Dr. Shin said he’ll be ok.. but too much stress and he’ll have a cardiac arrest. His heart cannot take all of this..


Heechulie walked to Hangeng and sat beside him as she hold his hand and caressed it with endeavor. She whispered gently as she gently touched his face.


Heechulie: Hannie.. it’s ok.. I’m here..


Hangeng opened his eyes at the sound of the familiar voice.


Hangeng: You came…


Heechulie: and I’m never leaving your side.


Hangeng: but…


Heechulie: I’ve made my decision.. I’m staying with you.. I regret having to make you suffer for so long. I never wanted us to be apart..


Hangeng: but the condition I’m in…


Heechulie: I don’t care about everything.. let’s get married, just you and me.. no need for an extravagant ceremony, all I need is you.. just you..


Hangeng: there’ll be hardships..


Heechulie: I’m willing to do anything, even turn down my family if that’s what it takes.. I won’t let them separate us again..


Hangeng: Chulie..


Heechulie: Hannie.. I love you and that all that matters..


Hangeng: I love you too.. but you should take care of yourself ok?


Heechulie: am I not pretty enough for you?


Hangeng: You’ll always be beautiful in my eyes.. but you need to be extra pretty for our wedding..


Heechulie: I guess so..


Hangeng: come and sleep with me..


Heechulie blushed and looked at the two other person who is inside the room.. Hangeng smiled


Hangeng: What are you thinking! Come and lie down here beside me, you are tired!


Heechulie pouted but willingly lied down beside hangeng and she rested her head in his chest, listening to the beat it makes.


Heechulie: does your heart beats for me?


Hangeng: Listen and it will tell you everything I feel for you..


And she did listen to the steady beat that whispers a soft hum of love for the princess.


Hangeng: but we’ll have to go back to Korea though..


Heechulie: What for?


Hangeng: tons of paper works..


Heechulie: well if it is necessary.


Hangeng: our marriage license not important?


Heechulie: oh.. ok.. let’s go back after this..


And they both slept a peaceful sleep with hands intertwined and love overflowing.


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