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chatmates Special - Hanchul [c]

title: Chatmates special - hanchul [b]

pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG
summary: What happened after chatmates?


Finally, all the matters have been settled and the two are ready to go back to Korea to attend to their wedding. Hangeng will formally ask for her hand in marriage, that is if he is not killed by the four brothers in the process, well at least that’s what Heechulie thinks.


They got into their private jets and went back to Korea separately. Hangeng went first and Heechulie followed the day after. Heechulie prayed that her brother would respect her will and that Hangeng managed to stay alive amidst those brothers of hers.


She was surprised to see a limousine waiting for her at the airfield. Jaejoong reassured her master that it was safe and that it was Christine’s limousine, true enough, Junsu was driving it. She was surprised to see that she is not going to her house but to a far off place. She asked jaejoong about it.


Heechulie: Hero where the hell are we?


Jaejoong:  I think it’s Christine’s plan.. I have no idea and Junsu isn’t budging.


Heechulie: are you sure this is  not a trap?


Jaejoong:  well..


Just then junsu handed a small box to Jaejoong who handed it to Heechulie.


Heechulie: so Christine wanted me to wear this? What for?


Heechulie stared at the blindfold inside the box, Jaejoong shrugged his shoulders.


Heechulie: well.. I guess there’s no harm doing this.. maybe a surprise party?


Heechulie smiled as she put on the blindfold. A couple of minutes later, the limousine stopped and Jaejoong assisted her off the car and into a room, she finally removed her blindfold.


Right in front of her are two bridal gowns, one made by Vera Wang, the other by Monique. There was a long trail and veil, she looked at her bed and there lay her accessories and shoes. She took the invitation and her eyes widened in shock.

Tags: hanchul, hangeng, heechul, super junior
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