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chatmates Special - Hanchul [d]

title: Chatmates special - hanchul [d]

pairing: KangTeuk, HanChul, YeWook, Kyumin, EunHae, Sibum, HenChie [Henry and Christine], Rei and Minji, Tiff and Hyungjun, Tee and Wooyoung.

subject: Romance, friendship, angst, fluff
rating: PG
summary: What happened after chatmates?

a/n: yes! doone with it.. finally.. though i still have reports to finish



There was a knock at the door and there entered the rest of the girls. They all smiled at the shocked Heechulie.


Heechulie: tell me I’m dreaming?


Christine: no.. you’re not..


Heechulie: am I getting married today?


They all nodded in unison. Heechulie was in tears and she can’t believe this is all happening. Her four brothers came to greet their sister.


Taemin: Chlie.. why are you crying?


Heechulie: can.. I .. but you.. I ..


Jonghyun: Do you regard your brothers as evil monsters that hinders your happiness?


Heechulie nodded as she wiped her tears with Teamin’s handkerchief. Jokwon sat beside her, he closest to Heechulie, and hugged her.


Jokwon: we can’t do that to you.. we love you too much.. and if it means handing you over to a Chinese prince, we are willing to do so.


Nickhun: we’re not that mean! We just wanted to know how far you are willing to go for the person you loved.


Heechulie: What? I.. did you guys set me up?


Yes was heard as the four older brother said in unison. Heechulie pouted.


Heechulie: I can’t believe you made me suffer for so long! How could you! Now I have puffy eyes and I’m not pretty enough to face Hannie! Speaking of Hannie.. I thought you don’t like him..


Jonghyun: well it was his plan afterall..


Heechulie: his plan?


Taemin: you see.. he wanted to surprise you with a wedding to remember and test your love for him as well..


Heechulie: and you agreed?


Nickhun: hmm.. we have to.. we can’t just hand you to him without a proper fight.. well at least we now know that you can stand on your own and can make decisions by yourself.


Jokwon: We just wanted you to step out of the shadows we have casted on and break the walls we have build around you.


Heechulie: but the merger, the wedding?


Jonghyun: It’s been taken care of, thanks to your stubbornness, we were able to plan and implement your surprise wedding..


They held a group hug.


Christine: sorry to interrupt but we have a wedding to do..


The four men nodded and left the room. Heechulie stood there, staring at the wedding gowns.


Christine: unni.. it’s time..


Heechulie nodded and stepped into the adjacent room to change into her wedding gown. Christine and Minji helped her while the other girls were busy attending to some last minute preparations. She stepped out and walked into a three way mirror to look at herself.


Heechulie: am I really getting married?


Minji: yes.. you are definitely getting married..


Heechulie smiled and turn to see 9 ladies dressed in beautiful dresses.


Christine: well Hangeng-gege said he’ll have one bestman so you’ll have one maid of honor. But he agreed with the 8 groomsmen.


Heechulie: so.. I have to choose who will be my maid of honor?


They nodded. Heechulie looked at the pretty girls in front of her and smiled


Heechulie: well, since you are my dearest protégé, Christine, will you be my maid of honor?


Christine smiled and hugged her unni


Christine: Of course.


And so the rest of the girls were the bridesmaids: Leeteuk, Minji, Kibum, Donghae, Tiff, Tee, Yuri, and Jessica.


It wasn’t long before the girls lined up to walk down the rose petal covered aisle that leads to the vast garden of the mansion. The place was covered with flowers and white chairs were lined up, facinf the setting sun. Hangeng and Mrs. Han walked first followed by the bestman, 8 groomsmen and bridesmaids, then the maid of honor. Heechulie smiled as she took the hand of her eldest brother. Jonghyun was smiling at her sweetly and she too smiled back. He whispered something which made the latter blush. Heechulie and Jonghyun walked down the aisle, just as her dream wedding dictates, to the harmony of Henry’s violin.


After a definite distance, Jonghyun handed over Heechulie to the second son Jokwon, who was by far the umma in the siblings. He shed some tears as he held on to his hand and knowing that he’ll have to give her away, at least to the man that deserves her. Nickhun took his sister with steady hands and smiled so endearingly to her as he walked with grace and pride, he will lose a sister but will gain  nieces and nephews soon. Finally it was her closest brother, Taemin. People say they do look alike, with an 11 month difference; they sure do have the same personality and demeanor. It was a bittersweet moment for the two, since they are practically twins, and losing one is definitely hard to do but they have to live with it. They can’t keep Heechulie to themselves, and Hangeng brought out the best in their sister, and there the four brothers completely gave their trust and approval.


It was finally their dad’s turn to hand her over. Mr. Kim was teary eyed seeing his only girl, their princess, wearing a bridal gown and walking down the aisle. Heechulie held onto her father’s arm as they walk steadily to the altar. They reached the end of the altar and there stood Hangeng with YEsung as his bestman and the 8 young lads: Siwon, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kangin, Wooyoung, Hyungjun, and Rei, as his groomsmen. Mr. Kim gave his daughter a farewell kiss and hand her over to the waiting Chinese prince. HAngeng took her hand and gently placed it on his arms as they face the waiting officiator.


The sky was a pastel of colors as the yellow sun was setting and the blue moon gently peeks through the clouds. There were shades of  pinks and purples that painted a backdrop for the beautiful ceremony. And just as the sun completely said goodbye and welcomes the starry sky, the two finally kissed as they drew the perfect silhouette with the setting sun.


The reception that followed was formal but fun. There was a photo wall that each guest may take pictures for souvenirs. There were props and setups and each is invited to strike a pose. The couples were willing to do so.. Sungmin even took a tiara and posed for the camera. Khyuhyun was happily smiling at the bunny princess. Kibum and Siwon dressed up as Snow white and the Prince; the camera loved them as each frame was flawless, effortless and just plain perfect. The monkey and fishy were eager to pose as well, but instead of being all goofy and candid, they were very formal and classic. They did a Drama pose that could rival the Sibum pair anytime. Leeteuk and Kangin brought along the pretty cute twins and took their first family picture. Henry dragged the busy Christine to wear Chinese costumes while Tee and Wooyoung wore traditional Korean outfits. Tiff and Hyunjung wore Japanese costumes.


Heechulie had her share of snapshots as dozens of pictures were taken. She changed into her second gown for the night, it was a little less extravagant than the first but still elegant and not to mention expensive, well she deserves the best anyway.

They entered the ballroom where the reception was held and they had their first dance. There were more dances that followed including a father-daughter and mother-son dance. Hangeng also danced with Mrs. Kim. The brothers were more than happy to have their last dance with their sister. Then dinner was served and a toast was made.


She then changed into her third gown, a bridal cocktail gown, and enjoyed the rest of the party. The four brothers and HAngeng danced for the bride, a ring ding dong-heartbeat remix. Heechulie was so happy to watch her husband get along with her brothers. They cut the cake and made another toast.


It was time to pass the bouquet and Heechulie had two on her hand. She smiled and explained to the crowd.


Heechulie: Well, since i really had no idea that today was actually my wedding day, I decided to put in my signature Heechulie moment at least one. I had no time to prepare a dance for my Hannie but I did enjoy your surprise.


HAngeng smiled at his bride.



Heechulie: and since my brothers, my boys and my girls worked hard for this day, I decided to reward them by giving out my bouquet to two deserving couples, and I do think they should really get married soon.


And soon a projector came to life as two pictures appeared before them. One was Siwon and Kibum dressed up as Snow White and the Prince, while the other was Donghae and Hyukjae in a photograph that may have come from a movie poster.


Hangeng escorted her bride as they made their way to the tables and handed the bouquets to the blushing girls. Siwon kissed his fiancé on her forehead as she leaned her head against his chest. Hyukjae was a little surprised but then smiled at Donghae who was wide eyed at the bouquet she was holding. Kangin patted Hyukjae on the back.


Kangin: well, I guess you’ll get tied to her very soon..


Hyukjae was a little hesitant but smiled his gummy smile and embraced his fishy.


Hyukjae: I hope you are excited.


Donghae: I am..Hann

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