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[Hanchul] Battlefield

title:  Battlefield              
pairing: HanChul
subject: Angst
rating: R
 Summary: When words pierce through every flesh in their body, they are both face to face in a battlefield
Warning: violence, implied smut, cursing..
Prompt: Battlefield-Jordin Sparks
a/n:  Randomly thought of this and kinda like a drabble/ficlet thingy.. don’t hate me T_T


Strings of words bounce from the four corners of their bedroom wall and resounded in each other’s brain. They’ve gotten used to the feeling of waking up in deafening silence and closing their eyes in lull of curses; this was their life after all.
This was a common sight: littered glass shards from broken plates, glasses, vases and mirrors to name a few. Their house was never clean or arranged no matter how hard they tried and this is because they stand in the middle of a battlefield.
The older curses in Korean mixed with random English he learned from a Canadian saeng. The younger curses softly in his native tongue which he knows the other understood despite the language and almost whisper.
“You ungrateful mother fucking bitch!”
Heechul screamed as he throws another vase which hit the wall a few feet from his face. The collision set out a loud ringing and both hearts were beating fast: Heechul never intended to aim directly at the Chinese man, even if he could, he wouldn’t. Hangeng closed his eyes hearing the loud crashing of porcelain with the wall and falling down the floor. With a sigh, he opened his mouth to speak, more of scream back.
“Who’s fucking ungrateful?! You are the fucking bitch!”
Hangeng used his mother tongue again and he’s sure Heechul understood all of it, hearing the same damn thing almost every time this thing happens.
Each word thrown at each other were like speeding bullets piercing through their flesh and well being, and  leaving wounds and scars: you may not see them bleed physically, yet their hearts and already torn souls bleed endlessly, and this was not the first time… they’ve been here quite a number if occasions.
Whoever started it and whatever reason why they even argue day in and day out, no one knows; it just happen to explode all of a sudden, like a bomb detonating without any warning. But every battle has its end, either one of them wins or they both end up in a compromise; for them, they often choose the latter:  When Heechul buries his head on Hangeng’s neck and his grip tightens on the Chinese man’s back as he moans and pants and even groans, sometimes bite. When the younger suck deliciously on the milky white skin as sweat trickles down his handsome face and he continued to place heated kisses on the older’s body. They almost always end up in compromise.
“Fuck you Hangeng… Don’t ever leave me!”
Heechul mutters, breathy moans as he releases everything as his eyes closes. His lips were dry and his hair messy and wild.
“I won’t.. not ever..”
The Chinese man whispers deliciously on the lover’s ears and presses butterfly kisses on the milky white skin  as he finally releases all his feelings inside the Cinderella.
And they close their eyes only to find themselves in the middle of the growing battlefield.


Tags: angst, hanchul, songfic

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