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[henwook] Till they take my heart away

Title: till they take my heart away

Pairing: Henwook

Genre: romance,angst, friendship

Summary: For I Will Love you, till they take my heart away

Song Prompt: Till they Take my heart away

A/N: The story plot is similar to the henwook picfic parody I made a year ago~ Have a look at it here ^^ italicized words are part of the lyrics^^

Setting: after SS2 till SS4 ^^

~*.*~I look into your eyes, So far away… There’s trouble on your mind, you’re losing faith

look into your eyes, So far away… There’s trouble on your mind, you’re losing faith

“Henry, what’s bothering you?”

Ryeowook asked as he placed his hand on Henry’s cheek, the younger looked away and continued packing his bags.

“Henry.. I’m asking you what’s..”


Henry replied and made the older silent as his hands dropped to his side and just stared at the younger that was busy shoving clothes and items from his drawer to his bags. Ryeowook wanted to say something but try as he might; no words came out from his open mouth. This was seriously awkward for both of them. Ryeowook took the fallen shirt from the floor where it fell after Henry dumped a bunch of clothes inside the big suitcase. Ryeowook almost cried as he remembers the shirt as his gift to the younger a few years ago, he gingerly folded the shirt and handed it to Henry. Henry took the shirt and shoved it inside with all the other stuff and zipped the suitcase shut.

“I don’t intend to return… I hope you’ll understand that… THIS will not work out so might as well end THIS while we both can still handle it.”

Henry spoke with such strong emotions that Ryeowook merely nodded in agreement; he had never seen Henry this serious.

“Thank you.”

Henry muttered as he zip his violin case.

Hey now, let me hold you… it will be ok

“Take care Henry… Send my regards to your family!”

Ryeowook handed him a paper bag abd Henry looked at tge hyung and saw a fake smile plastered on his beautiful face.

“Are you sure that you’ll be alright hyung?”

Henry worriedly asked but the older hugged him tight and rubbed his back.

“I’ll be ok Henry. Have a safe trip!”

Ryeowook let go and flashed a smile to ease Henry’s worries but Henry knew his hyung too well not to know that the smile hides such bitterness. He sighed and extended a hand.

“You too hyung… Take care.”

Ryeowook looked at the extended hand and shook it. Henry then pulled the suitcase and walked out of the room without another word. Ryeowook sat on their shared bed and stared at the picture on the opposite wall: it was a picture given to them by henwook shippers, a compilation of henwook moments in the past years that they’ve been together.

Cause I will love you… till they take my heart away.


Yesung approached the younger member and sat beside him.

“Can I cry?”

Ryeowook asked and Yesung nodded. Ryeowook lied on the bed, rested his head on the older’s lap and began to cry. Yesung brushed the hair away from the younger’s face.

“Henry made a difficult decision because he loves you…”

Yesung said as Ryeowook continued to cry.

“I will love him… No matter what people say.. what they say… I will love him till they take my heart away!”

Ryeowook wasn’t ready to give up and this made Yesung smile.

“That’s right Wookie, don’t give up and fight for your happiness!”

Remember when you called and said goodbye… You thought we’d lost it all, and so did I

“Henry… You got there safely?”

Leeteuk asked his baby over the phone.

“Yeah hyung, got here safe and sound.”

Henry replied.

“I’m sorry”

Leeteuk said with a sad voice.

“What for hyung?”

“I wasn’t able to protect you from them…”

Leeteuk gloomily revealed.

“Not your fault hyung… I have gotten used to it… don’t blame yourself and stop worrying hyung… it’s unhealthy!”

Henry tried to cheer up the hyung.

“Anyway Henry, I do hope you’ll consider my proposal.”

“I will look at it”

Henry replied not hinting if it is a positive or negative response.

“neh Henry! I’m glad that you arrived there safely~”

Henry froze when he heard a familiar voice on the other line.

“Neh Henry.. you still there?”

Henry was brought back to reality and mastered to reply.

“yeah.. am still here. Listen hyung… I am enrolling in a class in Boston… and what we talked about still stands so…”

Henry said and before he could even finish what he wanted to say, Ryeowook spoke again.

“Study Hard Henry!”

“I will hyung.. Goodbye… and I hope that this will be the last call I get..”

“Goodbye Henry..”

Ryeowook plainly said and the line went dead. When he was sure that the phone call had really ended, he broke down and cried: he just ended the only miracle in his life.

Even if I’d lost you, I will be the same… For I will love you, till they take my heart away.

How long has it been since they last talked?

“Ryeowook, how’s Henry?”

Donghae asked and received a cold glare from Eunhyuk.

“Oh My… I’m sorry. Teuk hyung has been frantically looking for him.. I think they need to finish the song for the repackaged album”

Donghae muttered

“He’s busy with school stuff.. I think that it’s about time for their finals so don’t disturd him!”

Ryeowook answered plainly and went back to the composition that he was working on.

“You seemed okay… I mean, you are handling this breakup quite well.”

Donghae remarked with an amused face.

“Quite well?! Look at what he prepared for his solo! It’s even gloomier compared to KRY’s ballads!”

Sungmin shouted at the younger which made the gentle fishy almost in tears.

“Both of you stop it! I’m quite fine. I know that he just broke up with me… but it has nothing to do with my solo… And what matters is that I shall love him. I know that there will come a time when we will both share the same stage, without any negativity and prejudice.. and then he’ll come back to me.”

Ryeowook said without taking his eyes off of his laptop.

“ You are that hopeful?!”

Kyuhyun asked sarcastically.

“YES! Until the world realizes that HENWOOK us comparable to EUNHAE or KYUMIN… until the world accepts Henry and Zhou Mi…Until my heart stops beating… I will be hopeful!”

Believe… I’m here to stay, I will love you till they take my heart away!

“Henry will be joining us for the rest of SS3 and SMTown.”

Their manager announced and this made the others really glad, most especially Ryeowook.

And on Christmas night, Henry performed his first SS3 solo.

“What a great Christmas gift right wookie?”

Zhou Mi nudged Ryeowook who were both watching by the sideline, a smile was evident on Ryeowook’s face despite the cold weather.

“Mi stop it! Let him daydream!”

Zhou Mi turned to see Kyuhyun and Sungmin walking towards them.

“You better prepare for your solo!”

Sungmin added.


Zhoumi replied with a smile on his face and left the three.

“Have you talked to him yet?”

Ryeowook shook his head.

“I’ll let him do the first move.. I don’t want to look desperate!”

Ryeowook replied without taking his eyes off of the Canadian on stage.


“hyung … Merry Christmas!”

Ryeowook was surprised by the sudden greeting.

“Oh … Merry Christmas Henry!”

“Can we take a picture?”

Blood was rushing to Ryeowook’s cheeks.

“Oh sure”

Henry placed a santa’s hat on Ryeowook and took their picture.

“Thanks hyung!”

Henry winked at him before leaving the room and Ryeowook’s heart gave up on him . He sat on a chair clenching his heart that was beating ridiculously fast.

“You okay Wookie?”

Sungmin thoughtfully asked as he saw the younger on the chair, sweating and clenching his chest.

“yeah… never better”

Ryeowook flashed a bright smile which made Sungmin smile brightly as well. He sat beside the younger and gave him a hug.

“ah.. I get it!”

Sungmin muttered as he hugged his aegyo twin tightly.


Both Ryeowook and Sungmin looked at the person who entered the room and Sungmin quickly let go of Ryeowook before standing up to leave.

“Oh I think I need to check up on Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi.. I better leave now. Merry Christmas!”

Sungmin muttered and he patted Henry on the back before leaving. Whe tnhe door closed, Both Henry and Ryeowook went silent. Henry stared straight at the hyung, tears evident in his tiny eyes, Ryeowook avoided eye contact.

“I can’t blame you if you love Min hyung. Don’t pretend… just say it… It’s over between us anyway.”

Henry softly muttered as he wiped the falling tears and went for the door. As he grabbed the knob, he was stopped by a pair of warm hands around his waist and soft sobs from behind him. He missed this: Henwook’s infamous back hug… their not-so-secret proof of affection that made henwook shippers spazz like a crazy fangirl.

“Pabo.. How could I love Min hyung when my heart beats only for you! Even if the world is against you or Henwook, I’m here to stay by your side!”

Both of them were now crying but these tears were not necessarily of pain or remorse, but of relief and happiness. No more words needed, they understood, and their hearts beat as one again ... One complemented the other: Henwook is back together.

Now we’re stronger than before, we made it through… I never felt so sure, because of you!

“Ok so it has been decided that SJM will have a long stay in Taiwan due to Siwon and Donghae’s drama filming schedule.”

Their manager happily announced and the members were equally excited with the news.

“You will have TV and radio guestings, will do some variety programs, do fansigns and will enjoy the sights and sounds of Taiwan!”

Their manager added and they all shouted

“SJM Taiwanmei FIGHTING!”


“So Ryeowook hyung, are you gonna keep hiding from the camera just like last time?”

Henry asked as they both lied on Ryeowook’s bed.

“For your information, Wo Zhi Dao HanYu!” (I know Chinese!)

Henry gave a chuckle and a peck on Ryeowook’s cheeks.

“I’ve never seen you so confident! What happened?”

Henry asked and Ryeowook gave him a quick kiss on the lips before answering.

“YOU! When I’m with you, I can do anything!”

“zhen de ma?” (really?)

Henry asked

“Zhen de!” (Really)

Ryeowook replied in his aegyo voice and they both laughed.

“Then will you reveal your abs for Mr. Simple?”

Henry asked and Ryeowook gave him a disgusted look

“You said you can do anything!”

Ryeowook furrowed his brows then gave a grin.

“ok.. how about a deal.. I will reveal some skin in the album cover of Mr. Simple then reveal my abs on SS4 IF..”

Ryeowook suggested.


Henry curiously asked.

“If you perform Baby in SS4 Seoul!”

Henry gave him a worried look but smiled nonetheless, he’s sure Ryeowook can’t do it anyway.

“it’s a deal.”

Hey now, are you listening… Can you hear me say, that I will love you till they take my heart away!

“Henry! Help me on my solo!”

Henry left the composition he’s doing for Eunhyuk and stared at the lyrics given by Ryeowook then back to his hyung.

“hyung… you serious? Moves like jagger?”

Henry asked with furrowed brows and Ryeowook nodded.

“And you will be performing your very first solo in SS4 Seoul! Mi is now practicing, Kyuhyun and Sungmin hyung persuaded him already!”

“Hyung~ THEY will eat me alive and spit me whole!”

Henry panicked.

“DAMN HENRY! You made a deal that you will perform at SS4 Seoul if I reveal some skin on the cover and if I show my abs~ why would I even perform this song.. and besides, I’ll be killing them before they get to you! I already asked Amber and Hyerim noona’s help so you won’t be alone out there!”

Ryeowook answered, clearly frustrated with Henry.

“hyung.. why would you do all these~?”

Henry asked.

“Because I love you.. And I will do anything for you.. besides.. the ones that chanted 13 back then already had a change of heart.. trust me Henry.. I will never let you get hurt.”

Henry can see the true heart of his hyung , he gave him a tender kiss and smiled.

“I hope you’re right hyung.. cause I’m willing to take any risk just for you..”


When Henry performed, he was surprised to see a whole sea of sapphire blue lights and hear his name being chanted and not 13.

ACCEPTANCE! And Ryeowook was watching by the sidelines chanting Henry’s name and endless saranghae along with the thousands who attended SS4 Seoul.

When it was time for their last messages, Leeteuk called Henry and Zhou Mi on stage.

“actually, I have many to say hyung..”

Henry muttered when Leeteuk asked him to say a few words and Ryeowook burst out laughing, thinking that Henry will now propose to him or reveal to everyone their wedding plans but that’s just Ryeowook’s imagination~

For I will love you.. till they take my heart away~

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