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melody of our hearts part 3

title: melody of our hearts

Author: jhengchie

pairing: HenWook, [girl!Ryeowook],

Other Characters: Yabu [HSJ], Victoria[f(x)], Chinen[HSJ]

subject: Romance, friendship, fluff, cross-over, medical drama
rating: PG
summary: There lies in the bottom of our hearts, a melody that connects us to a significant someone.


 Dr. Lau was a well known surgeon and specialist. He has received many recognition and is well respected in the medical world. His dream for his children is to be the same, successful and respected. Her eldest son became a neurosurgeon, his eldest daughter is now a pediatrician, his youngest daughter is a dentist while his youngest son is an intern nurse. He was happy and content with the three children, however, he is always concerned with the youngest Henry.


“Henry, I want you to be a nurse and help me out”

 “huh.. I mean.. if..”

 “well then it’s settled..”


Henry frowned as he walk back to his room and fill out the college entrance exam application form. HE wrote BS Nursing on the blank provided and he breathed out heavily.

 “I want to be a musician.. not a nurse”


He murmured to himself as he blankly stares at the form.


For three years, he studied a course he never liked, a course he never loved, a course he merely took for his father’s sake. Since his dad is well known, he was able to get an internship in the prestigious hospital.


 Henry sighed as he look outside the window and gaze at the starry sky.


“You know, you are worthless”


Henry was taken aback at the words and he turn to see a very serious Ryeowook, staring back at him.


“You have all the capabilities and chances but you never used them”

 “how dare you say that! You don’t know me!”

 “and neither do you! Don’t pretend that you know yourself, it’s a lie”

 “how can you…”

 “I’ll be straight to the point, Henry. You are wasting your time moping around at the lost chances and opportunities given to you. You are well enough to do all sorts of things but hindered yourself for your security. It’s a worthless life. I wanted to do a lot of things but can’t since I’m stuck here. But you? Get a real life”


Henry stormed out the room and slammed the door behind him. How could that brat say those things to me? He was fuming with anger when Yabu greeted him on the corridor.


“Get a life!”

 “why the attitude, I’m just greeting you”


The two sat on the couch inside the nurses’ lounge and decided to talk it out on a cup of coffee.


“what is it with you?”

 “that BRAT! How can she say that to me!”

 “hmmm.. Wookie?”

 “woo who?”


 “yah that brat!”

 “did she asked you why you became a nurse?”


Yabu laughed a little and took a sip of his cup of coffee.


“you know, she also asked me the same question when I was assigned to her.”

 “and you said?”

 “you know my story..”

 “you and your brother?”

 “yes.. back then, my brother was diagnosed with leukemia, he was rather young and we feared that we’ll lose him. But a certain nurse took really good care of him and had given him hope to recover. She was kind and she took really care of my brother just like a real mother would. From then I realized that the profession I would take is that of a nurse; I wanted to give hope to people and take care of them, nurture them, make them feel safe”


“now I look more pathetic”


“Henry, it’s not that, well what did Wookie told you?”

“Get a life!”

Yabu laughed harder this time.

 “you know she’s right!”

 “how.. you!”

 “if you really wanted to be a musician, then do so..”

 “and then what? Waste the three years I’ve spent in this course? No way!”

 “no one’s telling you to shift, Henry. We are trying to say is that you could do what you love as well”


Yabu finally stood up and took a lollipop from his bag and went out the room.



 “Chinen is getting his first Chemotherapy tonight, I wanted to be there..”


 “He reminded me of my brother, I wanted to encourage him as well”


Henry was left there to ponder on the words and think about what he really wants to do with his life. He talked to Ryeowook’s attending physician and was a little startled at what he just found out.



It was early morning when Ryeowook awoken with a knock on the door. Henry entered the room to hand in her medicine. She downed them all and thank him for taking care of her.


“I’m sorry”

 “what for?”

 “hurting your feelings”

 “hmm.. I’m fine..”

 “you’re not..”

 “how can you tell?”

 “I don’t know, it’s just that.. I can’t explain it..”

Henry looked at him, puzzled and worried. Ryeowook looked back and smiled.

“it’s just that, I can feel your uneasiness.. I’m not insensitive.”

Henry took a seat and listened to her. She tried hard to explain but can’t seem to find the right words to express what she was feeling


“Ryeowook, what do you want to do?”


Ryeowook was puzzled at the sudden question but smiled nonetheless.


“I wanted to do a lot of things.. write a novel, compose songs, teach children, attend the prom, have my first date, learn to dance the waltz, have my first kiss..”


Ryeowook stopped and looked at Henry who was smiling back at her.


“I’m sorry..”

 “no it’s ok.. do you really like to do all those stuff?”

 “if I have the chance… why not..”

 Henry can see the hope that glistens at her eyes, similar to Yabu’s eyes when he is taking care of his patients.


“let’s say.. if I give you three chances to do those things.. what would you want to do?”


Henry was now dead serious and Ryeowook was surprised. She blushed as she turn away and instead look out side the window.


“I’d.. like to… well.. have my first date..”

 “ok.. if that’s what you want.”

 Henry stood up and left the room. Ryeowook clutched her heart which was beating in a very ridiculous fast pace.


“is he serious?”



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