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melody of our hearts part 4

title: melody of our hearts

Author: jhengchie

pairing: HenWook, [girl!Ryeowook],

Other Characters: Yabu [HSJ], Victoria[f(x)], Chinen[HSJ]

subject: Romance, friendship, fluff, cross-over, medical drama
rating: PG
summary: There lies in the bottom of our hearts, a melody that connects us to a significant someone.





Henry talked to the attending Physician once more and was able to meet Mrs. Kim, Ryeowook’s mother. MRs. Kim thanked Henry for taking care of her while she was gone on a business trip. Henry was a little ashamed of himself, since he did all those things to her. Henry asked Mrs. Kim a favor, and the mother agreed, The physician and Mrs. Kim signed a consent form.


Later that day, Henry visited his Chinese patient Victoria, who was suffering from an early stage of skin cancer. He smiled at her and gave her medicine.


“gege can you sing for me?”


“hmm what song Vicky?”


“I want a happy song?”


“like what?”


“do you know Korean?”


Henry nodded. Victoria stood up and dragged his gege on the middle of he children’s ward. She asked her mom to play the CD and the room was filled with music.


“Henry gege, siing and dance with me!”


Henry was a little embarrassed but sang and danced anyway.


I want nobody nobody but you!


Yabu was walking down the corridor with Ryeowook when they stopped and saw Henry and the rest of the kids singing and dancing. They smiled and laughed at how funny Henry looked. Yabu got his phone and even took a video of Henry singing and dancing.


“oi! Henry! I’ll post this on youtube!”


Henry’s eyes widened with surprise and started chasing the friend around the room. The all laughed, including Ryeowook.


“Neh.. you two.. why not do a showdown!”


Ryeowook suggested and the children agreed. They all shouted Showdown! Showdown!


“ok.. ok.. but let’s do this as a team ok?”


Henry shouted to stop the kids. They all nodded.


“well then, let’s have an Asia Dance battle! Japan vs. China vs. Korea!”


Yabu added, looking at the smiling Ryeowook.


“What? Me? No way!”


“there’s no backing out!”


And so they held a dance battle, first up team Japan!


Yabu grabbed Chinen and another boy Yamada and they danced Gara gara go, Love so sweet and UMP remix.


The children cheered and clapped as the three performed well. Chinen and Yamada even performed tumblings and jumps and all sorts of acrobatic skills.


Next up is Team China!


Henry chose Victoria and a bubbly Hangeng as his team mates.


They danced Supergirl, me, and U

The crowd went wild with their performance, it’s very hip and street and just absolutely fun. They did poppin’ and hand stands. They also did bending and splits, Henry can do that?


Finally Team Korea!


Ryeowook asked the two shy girls Sungmin and Heechul to dance with her.

Ryeowook was surprised when the two girls chose to dance abracadabra, genie and gee. The crowd cheered as the three girls displayed amazing hip and leg actions. Each swing and thrust of Ryeowook’s hips made Henry a little too excited, and he eventually ran out the room to relieve his problem.


He came back to see all the kids and even the parents smiling and laughing, even the nurses and doctors were congratulating them; the kids had fun and they somehow forgot the pain and illness that they are fighting.


Dr. Lau was looking from afar, and he smiled when he saw his son, finally having a good time.

Tags: henwook, series

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