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melody of our hearts part 5

title: melody of our hearts

Author: jhengchie

pairing: HenWook, [girl!Ryeowook],

Other Characters: Yabu [HSJ], Victoria[f(x)], Chinen[HSJ]

subject: Romance, friendship, fluff, cross-over, medical drama
rating: PG
summary: There lies in the bottom of our hearts, a melody that connects us to a significant someone.



Mrs. Kim was peeling apples for Ryeowook when she suddenly asked the daughter


“wookie, where do you want your first date to be?”


Ryeowook’s mouth hang open at the question, and her mother just smiled.


“Can’t a mom asked her daughter that?”


“mom.. it’s embarrassing..”


“c’mon wookie.. I just want to know”


“well.. I want a date in the amusement park. We’ll walk together, hand in hand. We’ll ride on the roller coaster and I’ll hold on tight to him. We’ll take a carousel ride and walk into a haunted house.”


“hmm that looks exciting… wanna know what I and your dad did on our first date?”


Ryeowook nodded.


“exactly what you stated”


Mrs. Kim smiled brightly and Ryeowook understood. Her mom is always supportive and she takes good care of her. She worried that when the time comes, she’ll forget everything, including her mom.



The next day, Mrs. Kim brought her daughter a pale yellow dress and a pair of matching shoes. Ryeowook stared at her mother, confused and a little worried. Mrs. Kim reassures her daughter as she pulled her out of the bed and shoved her and the dress inside the bathroom. Ryeowook changed into the dress and stepped out a few minutes later, staring worriedly at her mom.


“is this ok?”



Mrs. Kim gasped as she stared back at her daughter.


“you look really pretty dear.”


Ryeowook blushed as she twirl around for her mother. She smiled for the last time before they both went out the room.


“it’s ok, we’ll just go somewhere today, I already asked your doctor about it”


Ryeowook nodded as they enter the car. They drove to a nearby mall and a photography shop where Mr. Kim was waiting for them. They finally took their first family picture in a long time. Ryeowook smiled sweetly as she sat in the middle of her parents; she smiled for she’ll never know how long she’ll be able to hold on to these memories.


After they ate their lunch, Mr. Kim excused himself to attend to a business appointment while the two drove off somewhere else. Mrs. Kim dropped Ryeowook in an amusement park and told her to wait by the gate for her blind date. Ryeowook protested but her mom drove off instantly, she pouted. She walked towards the gate, clueless and hesitant, and was surprised when she heard a familiar voice.


“Took you so long to get here.”


Ryeowook searched for the voice and finally smiled when she finally found Henry.


“uhmmm.. you’re my blind date?”


Henry nodded and smiled.


“and your first date.. I told you I’ll give you three chances.”


Ryeowook finally understood as they walked inside the amusement park. They walked side by side as they searched for the roller coaster line. Ryeowook gasped as she felt Henry’s hand grabbed hers. Henry smiled at her.


“this is what couples do on their date.. so let’s enjoy your first date ok?”


Ryeowook smiled and nodded. They continued to walk until they reached the line, but somehow she felt uncomfortable as her heart beats faster and faster and she kept on hearing the tune in her head. They waited a little to ride the roller coaster and when they finally got a chance to ride the roller coaster, Ryeowook never let go of Henry’s hands. Henry just smiled.


She screamed and closed her eyes as the coaster made a 360o loop again and again. She felt her heart fell but maybe not from the ride, maybe from holding on to Henry’s hands; Henry just smiled. When they finally got off, Ryeowook caught her breathe and smiled back at Henry.


“hmm.. let’s ride the carousel next.. it’ll  be slower..”


Ryeowook nodded as she skipped merrily towards the large carousel


“Henry.. this is where stairway to heaven filmed their famous scene!”


“you watch too much dramas”


Henry helped Ryeowook up a horse and he stood next to her. Some of the passengers and onlookers stared at them in amazement and some took pictures, they look perfect together. Ryeowook blushed and avoided Henry’s eyes. Henry whispered


“you wanted a date right.. so smile and enjoy this moment”



It was getting dark and they were getting hungry. They decided to take a break and eat at an icecream parlor. She ordered a strawberry sundae and he ordered a banana split. They talked about a lot of things.


“if you are Ms. Popular, why haven’t you had your first date yet?”


“hmm.. it’s because I was waiting for a certain someone to ask me out!”


“your crush?”


“sort of. Well he was a popular soloist in our choir.”


“was he that good”


“he won a lot of competitions”


“is he famous now?”


Ryeowook nodded as she turn to the poster near the counter.




Ryeowook nodded and blushed.


“hmm.. so you liked singers eh..”


“you can say that”




Before they end their day, they took a final ride on the Ferris wheel. Ryeowook’s eyes widened as she look at Seoul’s skyline.




“you look too innocent!”




“it’s a compliment!”


Ryeowook smiled as Henry laughed and took a picture of them with the setting sun.


Henry held Ryeowook’s hand as they walk out of the park. It was getting dark and they decided to take a taxi back to the hospital.






“you’re not a bad person after all”


“so you think I’m evil..”


“no.. well I had a great time.. thank you”


“you still have two chances left.. what do you want to do?”

 Ryeowook yawned as she leaned her head on Henry’s shoulder


“I’m too tired.. can I tell you next time..”




Ryeowook closed her eyes and Henry held her hands as he sang a familiar tune

a/n: thanks to my sister jeylee for some of the ideas ^_^


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